Jamstack Website For Exposing High Resolution Pictures & Videos.


To build a smooth motion with high-resolution pictures to present the outstanding possibilities of a niche photography profession.

About the client

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We all know that “people buy and consume with their eyes” and the automobile industry knows it better than any other.

So, how to convince a potential client to even come and try your car?

Well, you need to put yourself in front of all the offers.

In other words, you need to deliver as much as possible by presenting outstanding pictures.

And this is what Autoloait is best known for. They just make your car offer irresistible, by creating a series of stunning interior and exterior pictures from every possible angle, as well as in 360 motion.

They are also proudly caring for the title of the world’s leading Enterprise Automotive Imaging Solution.

About the project

Outstanding works should be using outstanding technology.

AutoloadIT wanted to build an extremely fast website, that will be able to show their great work in a flash.

All supposed to be smooth, fast, and as user-friendly as possible.


What could be the technology choice for such an objective:

  • High performance
  • The Fastest possible
  • Extremely User-friendly
  • Cost-efficient hosting
  • Technologically futuristic
  • Secure

And the answer is - the one and only:

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As a result, we delivered extremely fast and user-friendly interactions that enable the visitor to see all the advantages of automobile photography possibilities.

We built in their 360 interior and exterior photography presentation into a static website, that - once loaded - need no more re-loading.

All that brought a highly performant, secure, user-friendly, and probably the fastest website in the automobile market.

Exterior 360

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AutoloadIT website


AutoloadIT website


AutoloadIT website


AutoloadIT website

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Technologies used

  • Styled Components
  • Netlify
  • GraphQL
  • Github

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