Beast Rent App

A Mobile App For Tesla Car Sharing Startup.


  1. To build and release a mobile version of an exclusive Tesla car rental app.
  2. To deliver a pixel-perfect React Native Support for a car rental startup.

About the client

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It’s about time to say goodbye to the polluters in the city.

It’s about time to take responsible action to help keep the world green, clean and beautiful.

And of course, if we talk about Tesla, it is also about a higher level of driving experience and luxury.

Beast Rent App provides an easy and hassle-free experience with Tesla car rental.

For even better convenience you can ask for a transportation box for your pet(s) and a booster seat for your kid(s) – and they provide these completely free of charge.

More than that, imagine you rent a car in the middle of winter. There’s extremely cold outside and the only thing you think about is to get as quick as possible into the car and warm it up.

But instead of waiting for an engine to warm it up, why not go to the car that is already warm?

Why not ask the rented car to warm himself up, before you get there?

Yes. That’s exactly what Tesla enables you to do. And that’s exactly what the Beast Rent App can do as well. And of course, much much more.

Rent a Tesla on Demand

Meet Beast Rent App. An app for exclusive Tesla car rental, on-demand.

Using it’s simple and extremely intuitive. Just find a Tesla in your neighborhood on the interactive map, get there in 15 minutes, and enjoy your rental ride with the most innovative car in the world.

There are two ways You can rent a Tesla through Beast Rent App:

  • “Go to place” - for a specific route with the destination,
  • “Freestyle” - just hire Tesla to drive around and try it out with no specific destination.

Before you rent it, you can also learn more about a specific model, check its technical parameters, ask to warm it up, or turn the Air Condition on in hot days and be ready for a pleasant ride before you get there.

To use the car you put your driving license into your app. After that, you will get a specific registration code sent to your phone number, and you are ready to go!

Beast Rent App

Once you create the account, all your activity, documents, rental history, and routes are gathered on your account.

When you finish, you take pictures of a car to prove you left it in perfect condition, rate the experience, click, and that’s it.

You can also share your unique code with friends and family. Whenever they will use it to rent a Tesla, you all take part in a lottery to win up to 100 EUR.


Working with a tech startup demands a deep understanding of the project objectives, deliverables, as well as being able to work closely and responsively to make the work smooth and efficient.

And working with Beast Rent App was quite a pleasure. Not only because of the interesting project itself, but also by working with Micha - the CTO - as he had a great technical background (including native iOS apps, web frontend with React, and Node as a backend), so we had a great mutual understanding about the goals and deliverables and could plan sprints effectively.

Also, the development has already partially started and in order to move forward faster in the project, Micha was looking for a React Native developer with solid experience in building polished interfaces, and great attention to details.

He also wanted someone that cares about code maintainability and stability a lot.

Micha already had comprehensive mockups of all screens and a design system. He was personally in charge of developing the backend (Node.js on Firebase) and wanted to work closely with the developer in short sprints and do code reviews (as well as pull requests).

We have implemented such functionalities like:

  • Login and Registration
  • Driving License verification
  • Pictures to document car condition before and after driving session
  • Map functionalities
  • Car information
  • User Panel
  • Driving history
  • Additional functionalities as “warming up the car before driving”
  • and many more


After all the implementation and UI-polishing work, we’ve arrived with the brand new mobile app, ready to be used by the first drivers.

Beast Rent App
Beast Rent App

Technologies used

  • React Native
  • GraphQL
  • Firebase
  • Stripe
  • Veriff
  • Google Cloud Messaging
  • Figma
  • Slack

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