A Blockchain Solution To Automate Document Authentication in Real Estate.

We delivered ReactJS JavaScript Single Page Application for a client that provides law services in US.

The idea of the application was to built a tool for checking authenticity of important documents. Our client had clear vision and technical requirements of how it should work.

Ethereum Blockchain Doc Signing App

Blockchain project


Our team was made up of two members - Tomasz (ReactJS Developer) and Joanna (Front-End Developer). Joanna provided templates in HTML/CSS, then Tomasz developed structure of the application using React and Redux - to manage data within the application.

Apps in React are created of reusable components. The biggest advantage of this framework is the huge community. Developers provide their own open source solutions, that other devs can use in their projects.

For optional static type-checking along with the latest ECMAScript features, we used TypeScript. Thanks to this tool, creating applications is much quicker and easier. Another very helpful tool was Axios. It is a Promise-based HTTP client for JavaScript. It helped us with conducting requests.

The documents to verify were represented as XML files. Our goal was to check if document signature exist on Ethereum blockchain. To connect with Ethereum blockchain, we applied Web3JS (Ethereum JavaScript API). As blockchain is considered technology of the future, it was really interesting to use it.

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The project took us 2 weeks to produce MVP.

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