Front-end Internship: Day 1


This is your first day of the internship program. You need to recall the basics, configure your environment and create accounts in our collaboration tools.

The minimum setup:

  1. Skype or Slack account
  2. Google Account (for using Google Docs)
  3. GitHub Account
  4. Text Editor (pick one: Sublime Text, Atom, Visual Studio Code)
  5. GIT
  6. Adobe Photoshop

I. Setup GitHub account and learn GIT basics

Setting up GitHub account is very important for you and your internship.

It will help us to review your code and give feedback. On the other hand, GitHub account can be your personal portfolio website, where your potential employers or recruiters can check technologies you know and how good you are.

Task 1:

Visit GitHub website and create a new personal account.

Acceptance criteria:

Public URL (link) to your GitHub account.

Task 2:

Do Norbert’s GIT exercises available on our blog.

Acceptance criteria:

A first repository created on your GitHub account.

II. Recall the basics of CSS & HTML

Task 3:

Read the articles listed below:

III. Create Interface Inventory Document

Task 4:

  1. Read Interface Inventory blog post by Brad Frost.
  2. Get the source files of “Notify Landing Page” project.
  3. Prepare Interface Inventory document based on Brand’s template.

Acceptance criteria:

Interface Inventory document on Google Docs.

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