Front-end Internship: Days 2-3


I. Recall basics of Adobe Photoshop

II. Convert the following PSD (Photoshop) web design to HTML/CSS/JS.

Source files


  1. Level Easy:
    • Prepare project without custom fonts.
  2. Level Medium
    • Add Google Webfonts
    • Add HTML5 validation for Newsletter Form
    • Embed VIMEO video:
  3. Level Hard:


  1. Create project using the latest version of HTML5Boilerplate
  2. Use HTML5 / CSS3 (do not use SASS).
  3. Stick to our HTML/CSS styleguide:
  4. Create new GitHub repository for this project and push changes frequently:
    1. First Commit: HTML5 Boilerplate project structure
    2. Second Commit: HTML for HEADER
    3. … small parts of HTML sections as separate commits
    4. CSS for base styles
    5. CSS for HEADER
    6. … small parts of CSS for specific sections as separate commits.
  5. Ask your Mentor for feedback after:
    1. Preparing whole HTML for whole Page.
    2. Preparing whole CSS for Page.
  6. Recommended tools:

Supported browsers

  • Firefox (latest version)
  • Google Chrome (latest version)
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer 10 / 11
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