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Best Books for Junior Developers to Boost Their Career

Young developers start their adventure with programming, ask a lot of questions on the internet about the best programming books. The most common answers are books describing the syntax and rules of the language. Developers forget about the rest of skills that I think should know every dev. These are the correct approach to work, […]

PSD Delivery Checklist

The quality of design source files is very important for delivering high-quality HTML/CSS code. We’ve written a short checklist for designers. Now before sending PSD files for front-end team you can check if you have everything well prepared. Package with design and design related files Have you included JPG files for all pages (home page) and […]

Setting up Node.js application on DigitalOcean Droplet

Install node Please avoid to install Node.js with apt-get on Ubuntu. If you already installed Node.js with the built in package manager, please remove that: Install nvm node -v should return: v5.7.0 Install npm globally: Check the npm version using npm -v to verify if it’s installed. Install pm2 Run example script to check if […]

WooCommerce Implementation Questionnaire

We’ve prepared a basic implementation questionnaire that can help you with the discovery stage of WooCommerce project. Discovery is about learning what your client needs, their strategic initiatives, their goals and their outcomes. Discovery work is what allows you to neatly tie anything you propose to what your client needs and to tailor it to […]

Front-end Internship: Day 5 – The Pagepro Way

I. Learn GIT branching Check the online course: II. Convert the following PSD (Photoshop) web design to HTML/CSS/JS. Source files Design files: download here Fonts: Open Sans Playfair Display Requirements Convert PSD file to HTML/CSS/JS. Add datepicker script. Add autocomplete script (for city name inputs). Add popup script with slider inside. Add customer thoughts slider. Workflow Create project […]

Our WordPress coding standards and best practices

General rules Do not build your theme on top of a default WP Theme (Twenty {whatever}). Better pick Underscores or Roots. Building a custom one isn’t a bad idea either. When you’re forced to use a theme, do not modify it either – create a child theme. Be consistent. Apply common formatting rules across all […]

The Best Resources to Learn JavaScript

If you are searching for the top and checked resources to learn and become one of the best JavaScript developers, take a look on our list. Recommended books Randomly ordered JavaScript & jQuery by Jon Duckett JavaScript for Kids by Nick Morgan JavaScript for Cats by Maxwell Ogden Learn Javascript Design Patterns by Addy Osmani […]

OKRs in brief – learn how to organize your goals in Tech

OKR is a goal setting framework invented at Intel. Methodology helps companies focus effort on the important issues needed for growth. The framework is increasingly gaining popularity and being adopted by a number of companies such as LinkedIn, AirBnB, Twitter, Dropbox, UBER, Google. Works for every size of the company (even for self-employed). Idea is […]

Front-end Internship: Day 4 – The Pagepro Way

I. Learn basic CSS animations. Get CSS animations course form your mentor. Check all the lessons, push the effects into your GitHub repository. II. Convert the following PSD (Photoshop) web design to HTML/CSS/JS. Source files Design files: download here Fonts: Roboto (Google Web Fonts) Requirements Level Easy: Prepare project without custom fonts. Level Medium Add Google Webfonts Add HTML5 […]