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Front-end Internship: Day 6&7 – The Pagepro Way

I. Convert the following PSD (Photoshop) web design to HTML/CSS/JS. Source files Design files: download here Fonts: Open Sans Playfair Display Requirements Convert PSD file to HTML/CSS/JS. Add datepicker script. Add autocomplete script (for city name inputs). Add popup script with slider inside. Add customer thoughts slider. Workflow Create project using the latest version of LibSASSerplate Use […]

Free Ready-to-Implement WordPress Project Checklist

We’ve prepared a basic checklist that can help you with managing or developing WordPress project. PM: Kickoff Is the estimation document available? Is the specification document available? Create project on Harvest (time tracking software) Assign valid people to the Harvest project Create project on Redmine (project management software) Assign valid people to the Redmine project […]