Front-end Internship: Day 6&7


I. Convert the following PSD (Photoshop) web design to HTML/CSS/JS.

Source files


  1. Convert PSD file to HTML/CSS/JS.
  2. Add datepicker script.
  3. Add autocomplete script (for city name inputs).
  4. Add popup script with slider inside.
  5. Add customer thoughts slider.


  1. Create project using the latest version of LibSASSerplate
  2. Use HTML5 / SASS
  3. Stick to AirBnB SCSS/CSS styleguide.
  4. Create new GitHub repository for this project and push changes frequently:
    1. First Commit: HTML with project structure
    2. Second Commit: HTML for HEADER
    3. … small parts of HTML sections as separate commits
    4. CSS for base styles
    5. CSS for HEADER
    6. … small parts of CSS for specific sections as separate commits.
  5. Ask your Mentor for feedback after:
    1. Preparing whole HTML for whole Page.
    2. Preparing whole CSS for Page.
  6. Recommended tools:

Supported browsers

  • Firefox (latest version)
  • Google Chrome (latest version)
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer 10 / 11
  • Safari 10.x

II. Check JavaScript 30 free course by Wes Bos

Check the online course:

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