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Effective Unit Testing of React Components (Part 1)

User interface built with React is a sum of components properly working together. Most of the components are affected by props passed by parent and higher order components, internal state modifications, event handlers, conditional rendering. If you want to be confident that your application will do the job in the real world, it’s good to […]

Nuxt.js – Push your Vue app to the next level

Introduction… Current technological solutions allow us to create websites based on frameworks which save a lot of time. Websites based on frameworks such as Vue, React or Angular have an advantage of a lower server load cost and also, unfortunately, disadvantage – problem with rendering pages on the client side creates a problem with indexing pages […]

Introduction to styled-components

You are living in interesting times, especially if you are Frontend Developer. There are plenty of methodologies which you can use for styling your application and such as React. This JavaScript library added its own block to support the CSS-in-JS approach by default. This started an interesting battle for the best CSS-in-JS library and one […]