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How To Take Care of New React Developers – 10 Tips

I have been asked this question just too many times “how to take care of new React developers?”, but before I will answer, let me put a bit of context into the subject. Based on HackerRank research, the second biggest problem of CTOs and Hiring Managers is to evaluate newly hired candidates. Many IT Managers […]

How To Hire Top React Developers: Step-by-step guide

If you were thinking that hiring React Developers is easy, let me give a short introduction to the world of IT. Intro to IT There is probably no other job market so crowded, and yet so badly in need of well-working developers. Staff rotation in IT is one of the biggest, just next to the […]

How (Not To) Hire a Developers – 8 Common Fallacies

Hiring a good React developers is like an endless battle and seems not easy. But in fact it can be way much easier if you stay away from useless (yet still quite common) practice.We shortly listed some of the most famous fallacies people fall into while they hire developers: 1. The fallacy of being professional. […]