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React Team Augmentation: The Step-By-Step Guide

A CTO is sitting in a meeting room, looking at the Hangout screen. He has his potential remote developer on the call.He just received his offer and it looks perfect.Seem like no other way than to go for it.So he’s asking the last questions: How do I see the progress? How do I know how […]

Three advantages of using TypeScript in your React project

TypeScript has grown significantly over the past two years. In the first quarter of 2019, it is one of the fastest growing languages and it sits at the top of languages compiled to JS. This trend is clearly visible in the results of a The State of JavaScript survey. Among 20 000 of respondents, 80% […]

How to build a slider without JavaScript

You don’t need to use JS to add a slider on a page anymore! It’s possible to create it with HTML and CSS just by using radio inputs and labels. Implementation Add a wrapper with radio inputs and slides in order to have two slides: you have to add two inputs input for the first […]

How To Outsource React Project

Laziness gave birth to many great inventions. We speed up communication. We automate whatever we do.We want to have the formula for everything there is, and we want to have remote control over everything there is.It’s becoming almost natural for humankind to build the program or machine so we can have more time for ourselves. […]

How To Avoid Scope Creep in IT Project

Did you ever wash dishes? Remember the moment when the sink couldn’t keep up with flushing down the water coming out of the tab?That’s Scope Creep in everyday reality. A moment when you put more than you can physically process. This is how you get the traffic jam on the road. Or how you get […]