How To Outsource React Project


Laziness gave birth to many great inventions.

We speed up communication. We automate whatever we do.
We want to have the formula for everything there is, and we want to have remote control over everything there is.
It’s becoming almost natural for humankind to build the program or machine so we can have more time for ourselves.

Faster communication is forcing us to speed up the responsiveness.

But ironically, we created even more needs, and we never had less spare time in human history, than now.
Faster communication is forcing us to speed up the responsiveness.
Programming and automation are forcing us to do many things at the same time.
So we don’t have any time left to actually think about what we do, or for any reflection on how things should be done. We just want to do more and more, every single day, and doing more and more has never been so easy before.

This is why we are not self-efficient anymore.

There is just too much to do out there. We need to delegate to people from outside.

We need Outsource.

This trend created millions of software houses, building projects for over 90% of worldwide IT companies on every matter there can be.
Unfortunately, it also created a lot of cheap and incapable developers, which makes the hiring process a huge pain point, and became another field to outsource for many companies.
Luckily, you are reading this.

By reading further you will learn how to find a great developer by using simple and easy steps.

Why Outsourcing?

No training costs

Your vendor has his own team.
You don’t have to train or explain everything to anyone.

Instant help

When you need to hand over a project, or just a part of it, you just search for the right guy, and that’s it.
You don’t “hire an employee” here. You are not obligated, you don’t have to prepare anything, you don’t care about any insurance or benefits.
It’s a great way to handle some small tasks that still pays off.

Vendor is responsible for the delivery.


It is the responsibility of a vendor to deliver.
You don’t have to provide with anything, except a good explanation of your needs.

Focus on Your Business

While outsource company is taking care of the project, you can just go on and take care of your everyday duties, or focus on other plans for the future.

Internal efficiency

If your company suffers from the lack of good internal organization, outsourcing is the best you can do.
Sometimes it appears to be way much more cost effective than you think.
It’s hard to calculate the everyday cost of office mess, but it is almost always way much greater than people rate it.
Giving work to someone else may be a great relief to others in your company.
More than that, you have less stress and don’t have to control everyone all the time. You have more peace of mind and by that, you have time to finally clear-up the atmosphere in your office.

Different Kind of Costs

Your “fixed employee cost” becomes “outcome costs”.

At first glance, it may mean nothing, but after a while, you will learn to expect the outcome from people, and you will find it way more efficient, than just paying people to be here.

Basic Preparation for Outsource

To make sure it will all work out for you, we made the simple step-by-step guide on how to hire and work with outsourced suppliers.

Outsourcing is not always a good idea.

Real Need

If you are happy with most of the points from the previous chapter, it is a good way to go.
However, we will list some cons as well, just to make sure you know what you are doing.

No control

You expect the outcome, but you have no control over how it’s made and what kind of code quality you can expect at the end.
This is why a good examination of your vendor is crucial.

Internal threat

Some of your employees may feel threatened and feel they can be easily replaced by an outsourced agency or a freelancer.
They may think you are heading the direction of cutting out full-time employment, which may become a big motivational issue.


Avoid developers saying yes to everything.

The world is full of developers now.
Most of them are saying “yes” to everything, but don’t deliver as promised, or they can just simply disappear from the radar any time.
If they finally deliver, the code is such a mess, that you cannot actually change anything without their help.
By reading further, you will learn how to avoid it.

Price Trap

There is nothing good and cheap at the same time. At least not in the real-life environment.
If someone is ridiculously cheap, you should stop and think, as there is a big chance you are wasting your time.
So how to make sure you will find the right people?

How To Find The Perfect Match

If you plan to hire a freelancer for a small job, we wrote many tips in our other post about “How To Hire a React Developer”.
They will help you test him and make sure he is the right one.
But if you are planning to hire the agency for a bigger job, the best match is the one that has already experience in your field.
Let’s start from the basics.

Where To Search for a Good Agency?

First of all: Pagepro.
But here are some other options as well:



All kinds

  • LinkedIn – which became the most popular place to search for a job lately.
  • Behance – many agencies use Behance to show their work as well.

How To Attract a Good Freelancer?

You read it right.
Mind that, really good developers and agencies also have their preferences, as they may have a specific plan for their career.
If you search for some freelancers, mind that:

  • The 20+ yrs old student will be more into knowledge and improving his skills
    So he will be open for something interesting to put in his portfolio.
  • 27-35 will start becoming greedy
    Still, want to do interesting stuff, but the price is a huge advantage.
  • 35+ is now on a way to become an expert
    So he wants to work, but absolutely on his rules. Price and his private time matters.

Obviously, we will skip some personal preferences here.
These are some specific requests that you need to decide if you are ready to give.
More tips and best practices, you can find on our blog “How To Hire a React Developer”.

A Contract You Can Trust

To feel safe, get the right documents.
Good agencies have their contracts prepared, but if you don’t trust them, you can ask them to use yours.
Normally, we recommend to make the entire document with a professional lawyer, but if you just want to do something quick, here is a template you can use.
You can also find many examples on the internet. Just don’t forget to read and check it yourself, preferably with a lawyer, or someone experienced.
However, mind that your law may not apply at all in other countries.
As a Polish company, we are covered by the EU law, so even in order to work with US clients, we have an international agreement, which applies in both countries.
But we also know that some of the contracts are powerless in countries like India, the Russian Federation, or China.

If the developer will disappear in the middle of the project, you may just not see him again.

How To Get the Delivery as Expected

Don’t be afraid to demand. You pay for it.
It’s business. We all like to just do the work without any corrections or feedback from a client, but we also need it in order to make the work truly exceptional.
However, don’t put unrealistic expectations. It kills all the magic immediately, and you will get the shit instead, or you will just lose the opportunity to do the great work.
Normally you hire experienced people and they know what the job is about. If they won’t deliver, you will not continue working with them the next time, and they know it.
Also, don’t call them every week to ask how things are going. They are under control, you have your agreement, deadlines, kick-off meetings, schedules, stages, whatever.

You choose to outsource for the peace of mind, not to build more tension.

On top of that, good developers and agencies will feel motivated just by having an opportunity to do outstanding work and they don’t need an additional boss behind their back.


  • Find the right agency
  • Make a good plan at the beginning
  • Follow it
  • And let professionals do their work.

Then chill out, and enjoy a great result.

Solving Things With One Click

In fact, you don’t have to search or do any of the previous.
We solve the needs of people like you every day.

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