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WordPress’s Gutenberg – The Pros and Cons

Introduction to Gutenberg with WordPress Meet Gutenberg – a page creator introduced in place of the TinyMCE editor, and implemented in WordPress version below 5.0.The main idea of the new tool is to be able to edit/build web pages using blocks and to make WordPress a more intuitive environment for creating web pages.Adding such a […]

React vs Angular – a Quick Comparison.

To make it simple, React is the library made by Facebook, while Angular is a full-fledged MVC framework developed by Google. From the educational point of view, React is much easier to learn, but it’s still only a library. Angular may be harder, but once you learn it, you have the knowledge of the entire […]

How To Increase React Developers Productivity

Like it or not – to increase a React developers productivity you need to motivate them. On top of that, many React developers are self-motivated until they spend more time in the company, and becoming lazy by nature. Understanding professionalism seems obvious, but after a while, people becoming more personal about their work, getting used […]

Starting with GatsbyJS + Styled Components + Storybook

Introduction In this article, I will show you how to use GatsbyJS with Styled Components and Storybook. Gatsby is a framework generator built with React and GraphQL. GatsbyJS is a static-site generator which helps you build blazing fast websites and apps. To front-end side, I will use Styled Components – the library which allows writing […]