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Chris Lojniewski
CEO & CTO at Pagepro - React/React Native & Node software house specializing in building tailor-made web applications for clients around the world.

The basics of Web Accessibility in React & Gatsby Projects

What is Accessibility and Web Accessibility? Accessibility is the degree to which an environment is usable by as many people as possible. Web Accessibility is the degree to which a website is usable by as many people as possible. We traditionally think of this as being about people with disabilities, but the practice of making […]

4 Reasons To Use React In 2020

Last few years React totally overtook all the other front-end competition in popularity, mostly thanks to the extreme focus on user experience and development simplicity. However, each and every technology is working to achieve the same goal, but there are small unfair advantages, that are putting React in a favorable position and make it better […]

Why your agency should use Gatsby?

What is Gatsby? Gatsby is a new hot tool to create blazingly fast websites where you have performance out of the box.This post is strict to the agencies, if you want some longer introduction please check another post with basic info about Gatsby. Why your agency should use Gatsby? 1. Because your agency cares about […]

Why should you go for GatsbyJS?

Mostly because of its hyper-performance, scalability, and safety. Generally, it makes the fastest website on earth and is highly development-friendly. In a way, a technological win-win. If you are a business person, it makes your website highly competitive: makes your website as fast as a blink of an eye – bounce rate from loading a […]

How GatsbyJS can help your business to overtake competition?

What is Gatsby? Gatsby is a new hot, loved by developers tool to create blazingly fast websites. A few days ago it received $15M of funding. It’s a serious business but let’s check how it can impact your business? GatsbyJS in numbers 25000 – contributors 38000 – GitHub Stars 2015 – date of birth $15m […]

10 Questions To Ask a React Consultancy Agency

How to make sure you choose the right React agency? We all know testimonials, Clutch reviews, rate stars, and other ways to increase our image and look more trustworthy on the internet. But today, marketing is more overwhelming and easier to apply than ever. You can just go on the internet, and make a nice […]

Evaluation of React Developer’s Performance – Questionnaire and Form.

Onboarding is a great way to help the new developer get to work from his first days. Evaluation, on the other hand, is a great way to check up on his performance, after a while. Both are crucial in the first months. Well-prepared will help you decide if the new developer is a good match […]

Taking Care of New Developers – 10 Tips to Become a Better Boss

Based on HackerRank research, the second biggest problem of CTOs and Hiring Managers is to evaluate newly hired candidates. Many IT Managers and CTOs panic when the New Developer is not able to immediately sit and do whatever is needed.But some good developers need time to adapt and get comfortable with the new environment.We know […]

Pagepro Named a Leading B2B Company in Poland

Details make a difference. At Pagepro, our team of expert programmers takes the long way every time, on every project. We commit ourselves to our partners: our clients’ success is our success, and our front-end technology and development strengths, from web and mobile apps to custom solutions, showcase our quality and reliability. This detail-oriented, clients-first […]

Front-end Internship: Day 6&7

I. Convert the following PSD (Photoshop) web design to HTML/CSS/JS. Source files Design files: download here Fonts: Open Sans Playfair Display Requirements Convert PSD file to HTML/CSS/JS. Add datepicker script. Add autocomplete script (for city name inputs). Add popup script with slider inside. Add customer thoughts slider. Workflow Create project using the latest version of LibSASSerplate Use […]