Author Joanna Dyszkiewicz

Joanna Dyszkiewicz
Front-end / UI Developer. Performing lectures and trainings for the local community.

How To Use Framer Motion With React, TypeScript and StyledComponents?

As you already know, Framer Motion is a really powerful animation library for React. Now it’s time to start using it. Here are some basics. How to start with Framer Motion To start with Framer Motion for React you have to install the right package: npm yarn Next step is to import posed from react-pose […]

What Is Framer Motion – Bring Your Website To Life!

Why bother with Framer Motion? You are exposed to around 5000 online messages begging you to read the offer each day. But can you remember at least ONE from yesterday? We literally ignore almost everything we see on the screen. Mostly because what we see on our screen is not appealing, interesting, nor is inviting […]

Finch Front-End Conference — What We Have Learned?

In September we had a great opportunity to meet Edinburgh for one of the most interesting front-end conferences in the world: Finch Front-End Conference! The agenda was quite long, but I will bring out more details from the speeches I loved the most and learned from the most. To see the full agenda, go to […]

How to Build a Slider Without JavaScript

You don’t need to use JavaScript to add a slider on a page anymore! In our web development agency, we discovered it is quite simply possible to create it with HTML and CSS just by using radio inputs and labels. Implementation Add a wrapper with radio inputs and slides in order to have two slides: […]