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Julita Karolczuk
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VS CODE Snippets – How To Code Faster and Easier?

Make your coding faster with VS Code Snippets – kind of templates which contain repeated or commonly used parts of code.

Generics in Typescript – Typing Reusable Parts of Code

Introduction to Generic Typing in TypeScript If you follow the DRY rule in writing your code in Typescript, the Generic Types are for you! Thanks to Generic Types you can easily create reusable functions, interfaces or classes instead of writing single types for each one. Generics allow you to use different types of providing parameters […]

What is React Context And How To Use It?

If you’re having a problem with passing property to a component just to pass it further down to child, React Context is exactly what you need. By the definition, React Context provides us a possibility to pass data through the component tree, so you don’t need to pass props down manually at every level. In […]