Author Marcin Czarkowski

Three advantages of using TypeScript in your React project

TypeScript has grown significantly over the past two years. In the first quarter of 2019, it is one of the fastest growing languages and it sits at the top of languages compiled to JS. This trend is clearly visible in the results of a The State of JavaScript survey. Among 20 000 of respondents, 80% […]

Effective Unit Testing of React Components (Part 3)

Welcome to the last of three-part series on unit testing of React Components. This time I will show how to use Jest and Enzyme for testing of container component. I won’t get into details that were already described, so go ahead and start with reading previous parts (if you haven’t already): Environment and process overview […]

Effective Unit Testing of React Components (Part 2)

This time I will show you how defining the component contract looks in practice and how to represent it with actual Jest & Enzyme unit tests. This is the second part of series on unit testing React components with Jest & Enzyme. If you missed the first part, be sure to check it out first. […]

Effective Unit Testing of React Components (Part 1)

User interface built with React is a sum of components properly working together. Most of the components are affected by props passed by parent and higher order components, internal state modifications, event handlers, conditional rendering. If you want to be confident that your application will do the job in the real world, it’s good to […]

Redux middlewares: missing guide for newcomers

Every real-world React Redux app makes extensive use of async requests. Redux doesn’t support them out of the box. So if you want to communicate with your backend colleagues (awesome guys!) and move your project to the next level, you will need to use middlewares.After reading, you will know: What is a middleware? How to […]