Author Rafał Golubowicz

Rafał Golubowicz
React Developer and Trainer.

CSS Grid Layout – A Powerful Tool for Designing UI

Are you sick and tired of the way you design user interfaces? Imagine what it would be like to arrange a website in a really simple way, like sketching, without nerves and irritation as usual. Sketching with the ability to redesign everything based on screen width. I know what you’re thinking: “it’s not possible”. Well, […]

How To Use Memoization in JavaScript and React?

First things first, Memoization in React development is caching. But “caching” is a general term, and memoization is a specific form of caching.It is an optimization technique, which speeds up apps by caching the results of function calls and returning the stored result when the same arguments are supplied again. When you should apply Memoization? […]