5 Examples of Great B2B & SAAS Jamstack Websites


The Jamstack is not slowing down. In fact, there is a growing demand for building Jamstack websites despite the fact that the approach has been around for 6 years now. 

Based on Web Almanac statements, it is growing at a rapid pace.

adoption of jamstack static site generators

So there’s no surprise that the world’s best brands from B2B & SaaS sectors, choose to use Jamstack as the solution for their websites.

We believe that in the case of B2B and SaaS websites, it is the truly best option. We explain that a bit more in our article on when to use Jamstack, and when not, or this video.

youtube video about when to use and when not to use jamstack

Now, let’s go deeper into the examples of B2B and SaaS websites and start from the characteristic of those two business areas.

Characteristic of B2B & SAAS websites

B2B Websites

B2B is where a business delivers services to other businesses.

The general goal of B2B websites is to push the interested leads in your pipeline further into sales opportunities (SQL).

Main requirements for this kind of project:

  • Deep understanding of buying process and lenghty B2B user journeys.
  • SEO optimization for specific industry keywords and queries
  • Flexible CMS that empowers marketers and doesn’t require the development team attention.
  • Integrations with marketing automation and CRM solutions like HubSpot, Marketo, or Salesforce.

Websites like this usually contain CMS pages describing the offered services, a list of previous works (or case studies in other words), pages for recruitment, and several contact (or lead generation) forms.

SaaS Websites

SaaS (Software as a service) has a similar goal (generate leads) to B2B websites and Jamstack is a great approach to achieve it.

It is mostly software that enables businesses and people to do more faster, easier, and better online. In other words, to deliver applications over the Internet—as a service.

If it comes to SaaS, a website is a kind of “trial” of your product’s user experience, and most of the time, users expect it to be easy and intuitive to operate with, to make the onboarding process as clear and smooth as possible.

In many cases, a website for SaaS products could be also a simple landing page with a clear explanation of all the functionalities, with the link to the actual product.

SaaS websites should be:

  • SEO efficient
  • Resistant to traffic spikes (especially for advertising campaigns)
  • Easy to edit and optimize for A/B testing and convertion
  • Easy to integrate with 3rd party tools (like analysis tools, or chatbots)

The Jamstack solution supports the existence of this kind of website with good scalability, maintainability, and what is the most important in this case – performance.

WHY Jamstack for B2B & SAAS websites?

Let’s make a deeper insight into how exactly the Jamstack concept is beneficial for these kinds of sites.

  • Higher speed & scalability – Jamstack sites cache everything in a CDN. This, in fact, removes any need to generate page views from a server at the time of a particular request. This makes pages much faster and resistant to high spikes of traffic.
  • Better security – It means that your website is much safer and you can make your business without worrying about potential risks and buying extra security services.
  • Less expensive hosting cost – Static website hosting itself is cheap. Even better, in some cases, it’s for free! It creates an opportunity to save a significant amount of money and use it for other business purposes.
  • Better developer experience and maintainability – Jamstack is very pleasant to use for developers and is therefore quite in demand. The more developers deal with Jamstack – the more improvements around Jamstack and the lower the employment costs.

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Examples of Jamstack B2B & SaaS websites in 2021

In our examples, we will have a look at three important aspects of each website, that help them be more effective.

  • Navigation – Navigation makes your website well structured and easy (intuitive) to operate with.
  • Product Visuality – Product visuality is important to provide a clean and clear presentation of company services and products.
  • UX & UI – UX and UI are very important as they support both navigation and service presentation with design based on behavioral insights. In other words – it’s how visitors experience your wbsite, and what kind of taste it leaves after.

Let’s go!


a screenshot of typeform jamstack website
eCommerceCart Functionality
JavaScript frameworksReact, styled-components

What we like about this website?

Both neutral palettes and minimalistic layout make this website comfortable and easy to navigate. All of it gives a feeling of aesthetic atmosphere.

The user’s attention is driven to the bold black and white Call To Action buttons and there is no need to make a big effort to look for insights.

Colorful and informative video located on the homepage provides all necessary information.

To summarise, the website is characterized by a minimal approach following the “less is more” rule. It also includes tutorial-style videos as well as social proof which may positively influence the conversion rate.

  • Storytelling with scroll-triggered videos
  • Great speed of content loading
  • Unique Illustrations
  • Good hierarchy of text styles and fonts
  • Minimalistic layout
  • Comfortable and easy to track
  • Well planned
  • Simple and user-friendly
  • Service Page
  • A detailed description of the product
  • Easy to scan list of  products
  • Enhanced trust with testimonials and QA section
  • Intercom

    a screenshot of intercom jamstack website
    CRM Intercom
    Programming languagesNode.js
    Web frameworksNext.js
    JavaScript frameworksReact

    What we like about this website?

    First of all, simple and engaging animations based on a minimalistic approach make it comfortable for visitors to scan the website. 

    The user attention is tracked by the animation bubbling up from various chat icons.

    To summarise, Intercom is a great example of catching the attention of customers by targeting designs as well as animations around their services.

    And, oh, forgot. This social proof! Just so many testimonials, that it’s hard not to feel that guys know what they are doing.

  • Good usability, mainly speed of content loading
  • Unique Illustration and animation
  • A consistent set of colors
  • Good hierarchy of text styles and fonts
  • Simplified
  • Easy to track
  • Simple and user-friendly
  • Service Page
  • A detailed description of the product
  • Easy to scan list of  products
  • Visible testimonials are giving a sense of trust
  • Q&A section
  • Build a super-fast Jamstack Website


    a screenshot of videoask jamstack website
    Programming languagesNode.js
    Web frameworksNext.js
    JavaScript frameworksReact,styled-components

    What we like about this website?

    Gosh, those HQ videos. It’s almost mesmerizing to watch.

    They not only contribute valuable content, but they really give a feeling of great final results.

    In other words, the potential client gets an immediate idea of the product and that helps build a relation between the company and the customer.

  • HQ videos for a starter
  • Storytelling with scroll-triggered animation
  • Well suited CTA buttons
  • Good usability, mainly speed of content loading
  • Unique Illustration and animation
  • Good hierarchy of text styles and fonts
  • Clear and well organized
  • Simple and user-friendly
  • Service Page
  • Creative service description
  • Easy to track for customer
  • The social proof and the FAQ section gives a feeling of trust
  • Hulu

    a screenshot of hulu website
    Web FrameworksNext.js
    Programming languagesNode.js 
    eCommerce featuresCart Functionality

    What we like about this website?

    Who doesn’t mention Hulu in the list of Jamsatck websites?

    But it doesn’t come from anywhere. It is a really great example of a super simple website for SaaS product promotion. In fact, everything is happening on the main page.

    First of all, we see a clear UI supported with a benefits-driven message straight to the point.

    Secondly, it is empowered with a colorful UX. In general, thanks to the intuitive interface along with cinematic designs, it ensures a positive experience for users searching for video entertainment.

  • Clear and well suited CTA buttons
  • Painless onboarding
  • Cinematic layout to express the entertainment
  • Good hierarchy of text styles and fonts
  • This navigation is the actual opposite of all other cases. The visitor doesn’t meet the upper bar, the structure here is in form of local navigation with links to discover more.

    Service Page
  • Very informative
  • Clear pricing section
  • Clear in its structure

    a screenshot of bench jamstack website
    Static site generatorGatsby
    PaaSAmazon Web Services
    JavaScript frameworksReact, Emotion, Gatsby

    What we like about this website?

    Despite the typical “financial seriousness” of such services, Bench was able to deliver a great feeling of professionalism, without being posh, or too official.

    Based on Bench’s website is a great case of how uniqueness is compatible with practicality. In other words, designs contribute to formal corporate aspects along with retaining a friendly personality.

    Friendly images that introduce particular features give a glimpse of how Bench’s services look like in reality.

    The clarity of offered services and streamlined design makes the site look like a trustworthy and appropriate platform for handling bookkeeping services.

    To summarise, Bench uses interactive elements to give users a step-by-step example of its services. However, they keep it nice and tidy, without too many components that could disturb the attention of potential visitors.

  • Well suited CTA buttons
  • Great speed of content loading
  • A consistent set of colors
  • Well structured text styles and fonts
  • Well structured
  • Intuitive 
  • Service Page
  • Extensively explained services
  • Explanation followed with clear pictures 
  • Creative service description
  • Many pictures with people faces to boost social proof

    Did you like it?

    If you found other great examples of B2B and SaaS Jamstack websites that you would like to add to this list, feel free to send them over together with a short explanation of its pros.

    If you, however, search for more inspiration, you can always go to our case study section or another article with 50 examples of Jamstach websites for many different industries.

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