CTO Guide

Being CTO is challenging. This is why we came up with handful tips and best practices helping you hire better people, choose a better tech stack, and manage your time and resources more efficiently. It’s based on the experience of many CTOs we have worked with, as well as our own, from more than 11 years of running a frontend development company.

React Native Pros and Cons in 2021

Learn about React Native pros and cons – an open-source platform that enables you to build mobile apps for Android and iOS with one codebase.

React Native FAQ For 2021: All You Need To Know

Read FAQ to learn about the pros and cons of React Native development and other things you should know before adding it to the tech stack.

React vs Angular – Which One To Choose in 2021?

The possibilities are limitless, and so is the number of choices we need to make every day. And making the right choice is challenging – especially in the IT industry. In Pagepro, we want to help you make informed decisions every single time. And it’s one of the reasons our blog exists.

Today’s dilemma is choosing React vs Angular to build a web application. Let’s go through it, step-by-step.

How To Build a Multi-Tenant eCommerce Platform in 3 Months?

This is a post that will help you build Shopify-like multi-tenant eCommerce platform.

React In a Business Perspective

The Report For C-level Executives Implementing React or React Native In Their Organizations.

The Power of React (Native) and Gatsby Development

Intro No matter if you are a developer, marketer, or business person, you should be always aware of the possibilities of modern technology. Especially if you are running (or planning to run) a web business. Yes, we do favor React, React Native, and Gatsby development, but we also believe that it is the technology of […]

What is Headless CMS And What Are The Advantages?

If you’ve entered the world of web development a while ago, it’s more than likely that you heard of or used a content management system before (CMS for short), yet you may still wonder what exactly is a headless CMS. Perhaps, you know a traditional CMS like WordPress or Drupal, but recent years indicate the […]

How React Native Can Cut Your Development Cost

React Native and the cost of mobile development? It appears that React Native can save you many development costs and as much as we hate to admit it, we’re living in a world fueled by price pressure and the need to have everything done yesterday in the most cost-effective way possible. App development isn’t cheap […]

When Not To Use GatsbyJS?

Don’t let the title fool you – Gatsby is an awesome solution and one that really suits a lot of development projects, yet you should be aware of when not to use it. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been talking about how great Gatsby is for creating new websites and apps. But…as with every […]

What is React Context And How To Use It?

If you’re having a problem with passing property to a component just to pass it further down to child, React Context is exactly what you need. By the definition, React Context provides us a possibility to pass data through the component tree, so you don’t need to pass props down manually at every level. In […]