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Front-end Internship: Day 5

I. Learn GIT branching Check the online course: II. Convert the following PSD (Photoshop) web design to HTML/CSS/JS. Source files Design files: download here Fonts: Open Sans Playfair Display Requirements Convert PSD file to HTML/CSS/JS. Add datepicker script. Add autocomplete script (for city name inputs). Add popup script with slider inside. Add customer thoughts slider. Workflow Create project […]

Autocomplete Git Commands and Branch Names in terminal

In terminal on Mac OS X, you can use [TAB] to autocomplete file names and file paths.Wouldn’t if be nice if you could do the same with git commands and branch names? Step 1: Get git-completion script Get the git-completion.bash script and put it in your home directory: Step 2: Update .bash_profile Make sure that […]