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Recruitment process in Pagepro Part 2: Offline

In this part, you will get familiar with our “face 2 face” interview. We won’t list all the interview questions here, but we will describe how the whole process looks like so you can be better prepared if the time will come. If you haven’t read the 1st part yet, here is the link to […]

Recruitment process in Pagepro: Part 1: Online

If you consider becoming a developer, you will have to make yourself ready for different recruitment processes in different companies. By reading this you will get familiar with the process of recruitment in our company, which will definitely help you get prepared for any other recruitment process. You will learn: How to get prepared and […]

How To Write A Good User Story?

We already know “What Are User Stories And Why You Should Be Writing Them”, so it’s time to actually learn how to write a good one. User Story Formula We can easily craft a short and simple formula that will represent the user’s mindflow: Based on a role: As a <role person> , I can […]

What Are User Stories And Why You Should Be Writing Them?

As a developer, you are familiar with a feeling that some functionalities or features in your project are absolutely useless, and the user is a loser. Well, we all did, and I suppose this misunderstanding between the developer, and the user is the foundation of poor product execution, and ultimately – failure. If you ever […]

How to Hire New Business Developer in a Software House / Agency? (Part 1 – Before The Interview)

Pagepro is quite famous for its tough recruitment process. But internally we don’t think it’s so much hard (at least knowledge-wise), compared to many other software houses. However, it is indeed more aligned to the people that willing to push a bit harder and deliver more than expected. Searching for dedicated and ambitious people may […]

10 Questions To Ask a React Consultancy Agency

How to make sure you choose the right React agency? We all know testimonials, Clutch reviews, rate stars, and other ways to increase our image and look more trustworthy on the internet. But today, marketing is more overwhelming and easier to apply than ever. You can just go on the internet, and make a nice […]

Calculating Cost and Benefits of Hiring React Agency vs In-house React Developer

Meet Bran and Juliette. Bran is a startup CTO, and Juliette is a huge IT company CTO.Bran just bootstrapped funds on his life project for National Health Care. He wants to build the biggest medical assistance portal in the UK, which is in high demand based on the research he did.Juliette’s company did similar research, […]

Evaluation of React Developer’s Performance – Questionnaire and Form.

Onboarding is a great way to help the new developer get to work from his first days. Evaluation, on the other hand, is a great way to check up on his performance, after a while. Both are crucial in the first months. Well-prepared will help you decide if the new developer is a good match […]

How To Increase Development Productivity

Like it or not – people work better if you motivate them, and work badly if you don’t. On top of that, many developers are self-motivated until they spend more time in the company, and becoming lazy by nature. Understanding professionalism seems obvious, but after a while, people becoming more personal about their work, getting […]

React Team Augmentation: The Step-By-Step Guide

A CTO is sitting in a meeting room, looking at the Hangout screen. He has his potential remote developer on the call.He just received his offer and it looks perfect.Seem like no other way than to go for it.So he’s asking the last questions: How do I see the progress? How do I know how […]