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How To Write A Better React Code

“The first draft of anything is shit” Said Ernest Hemingway, and even if this guy had nothing to do with React, or even Commodore, he knew exactly that the first creative act, is almost always, not well-thought-out and hard to understand by anybody except the author. I suppose this is a great place to start […]

Introduction to styled-components

You are living in interesting times, especially if you are Frontend Developer. There are plenty of methodologies which you can use for styling your application and such as React. This JavaScript library added its own block to support the CSS-in-JS approach by default. This started an interesting battle for the best CSS-in-JS library and one […]

5 interesting features in Chrome Dev Tools

When I started my adventure with frontend, the biggest challenge was to discover most useful tools to work with. Of course it depends on which browser you use, but most people (and myself) use chrome. Let me introduce some useful tools in chrome browser.

How to test code before pushing to the repository

tl;dr it is good to test the code before pushing to the repo, you can setup automatic testing with GIT Hooks, but it is complicated, there is a really easy way for testing before committing changes, it is called pre-commit, As a professional developer you need to make sure your code is working, tested and it has […]

Creating AMP boilerplate with SASS, Gulp and BrowserSync

Why you need another AMP Boilerplate? Because you can find some problems when creating an AMP Project: You have to write vanilla CSS No support for preprocessors No support for linking CSS from external files there is no official SASS boilerplate for AMP. Step 1: initialize npm The project will be based on npm so […]