React Developers Performance Evaluation

If you search for ways on how to do an efficient React developers performance evaluation, let me assist, but first, let’s put some light on a general subject of evaluation.


Onboarding is a great way to help the new developer get to work from his first days.

React developer’s evaluation, on the other hand, is a great way to check up on his performance, after a while.

Both are crucial in the first months. Well-prepared procedures will help you decide if the new developer is a good match for your organization.

But it shouldn’t be used only to check up on what he did, but what you both did to get closer to his full potential and higher performance.

Think of the research, done by SHRM:

“The first six months are crucial for the employee to decide whether he wants to stay or leave the company.”

Add a job rotation in IT and you will get a view of how it is hard to keep good developers inside the React companies.

This is why onboarding and evaluation can have a huge impact on his decision. Having a clear career path, purpose and goal makes your proposal look more like a good investment.

After more than ten years of hiring different developers, we came up with a Performance Form, ready to be used by anyone.

I think any kind of employee can be checked that way, but I’ve also added career path tips specifically for React / JavaScript developers we use ourselves.

But before you download and use it, remember to:

Involve your team

Engage your React team in the onboarding process.
Let them explain your values, office rules, help with logging in, putting stuff together, etc.
Ask your team to present your tech stack and explain why you are using specific libraries, frameworks, and boilerplates.
It will give him a nice welcoming feeling and help the team break the first ice. You don’t have to be the one doing everything.

kasia from pagepro is giving a presentation

Observe his initiative

Encourage your new employee to show his own initiative in the execution.
You can also ask him to give feedback about the general onboarding process and suggestions on how it can be improved.

Inform about the evaluation before

Schedule the first evaluation meeting together with the employee about a month after his first day. It shouldn’t be a surprise and you should give him time to think and prepare himself.

I’ve added a special form to be sent to the employee two days before the meeting (part3 of the document attached).

Ask him to answer questions and send them back to you. It will give you time as well, to compare his answers with your expectations and get better prepared for the meeting.

Trust, but verify

New developers need your trust, even if they mess things up at the beginning. When given the chance, they can deliver a lot in return.

On the other hand, make sure you have clear metrics to verify their performance in the early stages. If they won’t be met, maybe it’s good to reconsider your choice and try to find someone else.

Have fun

No matter how hard it seems to be, working with talents is a great adventure and a pleasure.

I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.

React Developer Performance Evaluation form


Chris Lojniewski

CEO at Pagepro - React & React Native software house specialising in building tailor-made web applications for clients around the world. Chris is currently spearheading a mission close to his heart: making development frictionless. His philosophy transcends the conventional, recognising that while modern tech, especially React & React Native, is a game-changer, the real revolution lies in combining cutting-edge technology with effective processes, creative exploration, and strategic foresight.

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