How To Test Code Before Pushing To The Repository

Chris Lojniewski
By Chris Lojniewski

Are you truly ready to push your code to repository? Or you still thinking on how to test it before?


  • it is good to test the code before pushing to the repo,
  • you can setup automatic testing with GIT Hooks, but it is complicated,
  • there is a really easy way for testing before committing changes, it is called pre-commit,

As a professional developer you need to make sure your code is working, tested and it has been written correctly: easy to read and understand and compliant to team coding standards. As a smart developer, you can help yourself and set up automatic pre-commit checking, you can use it for checking:

  • code test coverage,
  • SCSS style guide compliance,
  • JS style guide compliance.

Step 1: Install pre-commit npm module

There are some ways to setup GIT hooks, but it can be a bit complicated, and you need to do the same job for every repository.

Much easier way is to use npm module called pre-commit, it creates GIT hooks automatically.

Let’s try that:

npm install – save-dev pre-commit

Step 2: Setup testing script

Ok so we have the tool for automatic testing, now we need to define a test script. In our case, it will be checking JavaScript Standard Style compliance in all files inside src/js folder.

Let’s add the script in package.json file:

"scripts": {
    "lint": "standard 'src/js/**/*.js'"

It is good to test what we’ve already done so let’s run the script manually to check if it’s working:

npm run lint;

Step 3: Adding a test script to pre-commit

Ok! When the testing script is created we need to add it to the pre-commit configuration (also in package.json file):

"pre-commit": [

Step 4: Let’s give a try

Once everything is set up, you can try to do the commit.  Pre-commit hook should automatically do the testing and prevent you from committing in case problems with the code.

automatic testing

pre-commit test run pre-commit blocked the commit because of JavaScript issues in source code

Thanks nante 😉

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