How To Calculate The Cost of Jamstack Website Development?


In general, the cost of the Jamstack website development may vary from $5.000 for a small informational website, up to more than $80.000 for a bigger e-commerce site, or over $100.000 for a multilanguage corporate website.

In other words, different vendors offer different ranges of prices, from different countries, for different types of websites, built for different goals, objectives, etc.

And although we love to think that Jamstack is great for everyone, we cannot fully agree on that, as it is highly related to your business goals, your website’s main objectives, and of course, financial options.

We talk more about that in the video about whether you should use Jamstack, or not, in your specific case.

youtube video about when to use and when not to use jamstack

In the next paragraphs, you will learn about all the important factors included in the calculation of Jamstack development, so firstly, we will explain the general factors behind the price, and secondly, we will move to the real-life examples with a specific scope of work, and prices.

Jamstack 101

If you want to learn more about Jamstack in general, we recommend you to start with What is Jamstack? and the Pros and Cons of Jamstack.

The cost of Jamstack Development – backstage

What affects the price of Jamstack website development?

Many aspects affect the price of Jamstack development such as:

  • Scope of Work: What exactly needs to be done in order to get what you want on your website?
  • Project Complexity: It may be easy to build a simple informational page, but it is much more complicated to build an e-commerce store with many different integrated tools.
  • Team Assigned: This one is about project complexity. Therefore, the more complex your project is the bigger variety of skillset and team members you may need to accomplish it successfully.
  • Tech Stack: In other words, which technologies and tools should you use to achieve a desired results in the most effective way? At this point, it is super useful to do a sot of technical discovery workshop. More on that later.
  • Vendor’s Rates: Remember that the agency in east Asia will be probably significantly cheaper than the agency located on the east coast of the USA. Also, a small agency will have different rates than the enterprise product house from the same area.

What may be included in the price of Jamstack website development?

Different companies use different methodologies and processes.

However, in the case of building a Jamstack website, we are able to recognize some basic patterns:

  • Discovery Stage (optional) – In other words, collecting important information that gives a better understanding of project requirements.
  • UX/UI Wireframing and Design – In general, the design of your site will be a crucial part of your customer satisfaction. Although you can choose to do your designs on your own, it is worth having a look what your agency is able to deliver, as they may have many great UX insights.
  • Development – In general, the process of Jamstack development differs from traditional web development. It consists of components library, Jamstack development, CMS development, integrations, etc. Therefore, pay attention that every agency has its own approach that results in different timelines and costs for similar projects.
  • Analytics and Marketing Tools Integration – in other words, tools essential for gathering data about your users behavour (Google Tag Manager, Analytics, Search Console, HotJar, etc.).
  • SEO Audit and Optimization (optional) – In any case, to achieve high SEO performance of your website it is necessary to make a wide range of various optimization and compulsory audits.
  • Quality Assurance – QA and testing is a way of controlling each particular functionality after it’s finally done in the development stage. In other words, testing parameters refer to the acceptance criteria which was defined in the project scope.
  • Post-Launch support (optional) – When website development is done many agencies offer extra service in the form of being available a few days after the publication, in order to help in any kind of obstacles linked with usage.
  • Maintenance and SLA (optional) – Finally, if you don’t have a team of web developers for yourself, you can always use the help of the agency. Trends are pushing agencies to not only offer quick post-launch website support but long-term maintenance agreements for continuous updates, website changes, and on-demand fixes.

Get a precise Jamstack cost for your project

The cost of Jamstack Development – calculations

Average Jamstack development rates

In general, there are many ways to define potential costs and of course, all are based on different factors.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that the cost mostly means the calculation of required working hours multiplied by the hourly rate.

Therefore, the region will be probably one of the most popular factors if it comes to setting up the price, and here are some examples.

Jamstack development hourly rates by region

USAWestern EuropeEastern Europe
$90 – $200$85 – $130$35 – $70

Jamstack development cost based on real-life examples:

We have prepared a typical (or possible) scope of work and the cost range for different kinds of Jamstack websites, from different industries and business types, such as:

  • B2B & Professional Services Websites
  • Headless eCommerce Websites
  • Corporate Websites
  • Campaign or Event Websites

However, different industries have different objectives for their websites. In other words, some are more informational, some suppose to generate leads immediately.

Let’s dive deeper now.

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Jamstack development cost for B2B & Professional Services Website

The general goal of professional services websites (like creative agencies or digital consultancies) is to push the interested leads in your pipeline further into sales opportunities (MQL & SQL).

Main requirements for this kind of project:

  • Deep understanding of buying process and lenghty B2B user journeys.
  • SEO optimization for specific industry keywords and queries
  • Flexible CMS that empowers marketers and doesn’t require the development team attention.
  • Integrations with marketing automation and CRM solutions like HubSpot, Marketo, or Salesforce.

Websites like this usually contain CMS pages describing the offered services, a list of previous works (or case studies in other words), pages for recruitment, and several contact (or lead generation) forms.

The possible scope of work:

Discovery Stage24 hours
UX Design80 hours
UI Design120 hours
Page Builder Module80 hours
Case Studies Module32 hours
Blog Module32 hours
Careers Module24 hours
Integration with Headless CMS80 hours
Analytics Tools Integration (GA, GTM)16 hours
SEO optimization8 hours
QA & Testing16 hours

Total: ~512 hours

Possible cost of project:

USAWestern EuropeEastern Europe
$46 080 – $102 400$43 520 – $66 560$17 920 – $35 840
Examples of projects from this category:

Bulletproof – built with Next.js

Bulletproof is a creative powerhouse with offices in London, New York, Amsterdam, Sydney, and Singapore.

a screenshot of Bulletproof website

DG Recruit – built with Gatsby.js

DG Recruit is an agency that helps people with their recruitment careers. They also offer recruitment services, training, and advisory.

a screenshot of DG Recruit website

Jamstack development cost for a headless eCommerce website

While in the case of the B2B websites the goal is to generate leads, the main goal of eCommerce websites is to simply sell (or convert) and get paid immediately.

Therefore, the requirements of eCommerce websites may be:

  • Need of highly customized customer experiences
  • Integration with an eCommerce platform like Shopify, Magento, Saleor, etc.
  • Flexible CMS that empowers marketers and doesn’t require the development team’s attention
  • High scallability during hot seasons and traffic peaks (black friday, cyber monday)

Generally, websites like this contain product pages, category pages, CMS pages describing company policies (or pretty much any other additional information), and a checkout process.

The possible scope of work:

ServiceEstimated Time
Discovery Stage32 hours
UX Design80 hours
UI Design160 hours
Page Builder Module96 hours
Headless CMS Integration40 hours
eCommerce Platform Configuration40 hours
eCommerce Platform Integration60 hours
SEO Optimization10 hours
Marketing & Sales Tools Integration30 hours
QA & Testing10 hours
Finalization18 hours

Total: ~536 hours

Possible cost of the project:

USAWestern EuropeEastern Europe
$48 240 – $107 200$45 560 – $69 680$18 760 – $37 520

Examples of the project from this category:

Bang & Olufsen – built with Next.js

Bang & Olufsen offers high-end headphones, speakers, and televisions.

a screenshot of Bang&Olufsen website

Urban Armor Gear – built with Gatsby.js

Urban Armor Gear is an online store where you can buy rugged phone cases and various mobile accessories.

a screenshot of Urban Armor Gear website

Jamstack development cost for Enterprise / Corporate website

While B2B and eCommerce websites should generate queries, a corporate website is mostly built to promote brands, not to sell products.

Thanks to a corporate website, you can help your potential clients find a unique source for information about your company as well as show investors all the necessary information verifying that your company is worth investing in.

Therefore, such a website should have a corporate standard of safety, strictly follow brand guides in many languages with different locations, and be SEO optimized for a specific brand name (also locally).

Main requirements for this kind of project:

  • Enterprise grade security.
  • Multilingual and localisation.
  • Enterprise grade search.
  • High scallability.
  • Integrations with marketing automation and CRM solutions.
  • Multi role, flexible CMS that empowers the marketeting & content team.
  • Bespoke API integrations.

The possible scope of work:

ServiceEstimated Time
Discovery Stage80 hours
UX Design140 hours
UI Design140 hours
Page Builder Module248 hours
Headless CMS Integration120 hours
Analytics & Marketing Tools Integration40 hours
Multilanguage / Multilocale Support40 hours
Searching Functionality (eg. Algolia)40 hours
SEO optimization40 hours
QA & Testing32 hours
Finalization24 hours
Post-Launch Support40 hours

Total: ~984 hours

Possible cost of project:

USAWestern EuropeEastern Europe
$88 560 – $196 800$83 640 – $127 920$34 440 – $68 880

Examples of the project from this category:

Binance – built with Next.js

Binance is the biggest cryptocurrency exchange platform. Maybe not the best corporate example, but their multilanguage support is quite impressive.

a screenshot of binance website

Inventia – created with Gatsby.js

Inventia Life Science is an Australia-based company that focuses on revolutionizing 3D bioprinting and transforming the medical research sector.

a screenshot of Inventia Life Science website

Jamstack development cost for Campaign or Event Website

In general, a campaign or event website needs to be clear, full of useful information, agendas, and the possibility to buy a ticket.

They might not have CMS as its content is usually produced just for one event.

It should be able to handle huge spikes of traffic at a specific time – for example, when the opening campaign starts.

The possible scope of work:

ServiceEstimated Time
Discovery Stage6 hours
UI Design40 hours
Static Frontend Development92 hours
SEO Optimization8 hours
QA & Testing8 hours
Fine Tuning8 hours

Total: ~162 hours

Possible cost of project:

USAWestern EuropeEastern Europe
$14 580 – $32 400$13 770- $21 060$5 670 – $11 340

Example of the project from this category:

Jamstack Conf – build with Parcel

Jamstack Conf is the most popular Jamstack event gathering companies and developers around the subject of modern web development.

a website screenshot of jamstack conf

Frontend Day – build with Gatsby.js

FED are all-day workshops for learning frontend development skills, organized by Pagepro.

a screenshot of frontend day workshops website

Possible monthly HOSTING costs

Your Jamstack website will require maintenance which is of course associated with constant costs. In fact, one of the major examples of the constant cost is hosting which is responsible for displaying your website on the internet.

Above all, we strongly recommend the two most popular Jamstack hosting providers: Vercel and Netlify.

They are both serverless deployment platforms for Jamstack web applications, and the good news is, both have quite generous free plans.

Build6000 minutes (free option for non-commercial websites)24000 minutes (option charge $20/mo per member)Custom
Bandwidth100 GB
(free option for non-commercial websites)
1 TB
(option charge $20/mo per member)
Serverless functions100 GB hours
(free option for non-commercial websites)
1000 GB hours
(option charge $20/mo per member)
Team Members$20/mo per memberCustom
Build300 minutes/mo
(then $7 per 500)
1000 minutes/mo
(then $7 per 500)
1000 minutes/mo
(then $7 per 500)
Bandwidth100 GB/mo
(then $20 per 100)
400 GB/mo
(then $20 per 100)
600 GB/mo
(then $20 per 100)
Serverless functions125k per site/mo ($25+ when exceeded)125k per site/mo ($25+ when exceeded)Unlimited
Team Members1 free
(then $15 per member/mo)
$19 per member/mo$99 per member/mo


As you can see, the cost of the Jamstack website takes more than just the “typical price for a website” calculation.

In conclusion, there is a wide range of prices offered by different vendors, from different countries.

Therefore, I hope you could find an example close to your own demand. Otherwise, we are open to answering your questions and assisting in precise calculations for your specific case.

Get a precise Jamstack cost for your project

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