React Native Tutorials, Blogs, and Other Resources for 2020

Tomasz Grabski
By Tomasz Grabski

Keeping up to date with all the ever-changing things in the React Native world or learning this modern framework seems like an impossible, constant job. It’s nothing like riding a bike that you can abandon for a few years and still remember how to use it seamlessly. 

And it doesn’t matter whether you are a developer or startup owner or CTO — you have to be well informed and prepared all the time.

But how to find all React Native tutorials, blogs and other resources that are worth checking out?

Well, there are two options.

You can either try to get to the bottom of Google or… check the list I prepared for you below.


Pagepro blog

It’s our goal to deliver the best content possible on (but not limited to) React Native related topics. You can start by reading our React Native Guide.

React Native official blog

If you want to stay alert at all times regarding any React Native update, this is a place. But that’s not all — you can also read blog posts on various RN topics (the list is on the left).

React (Native) Resources

It’s not a blog per se but rather a collection of various resources like articles, books, conferences, libraries, etc. regarding React Native.

React Native Training [Medium]

This Medium publication is run by two well-known developers in the React Native community — Mike Grabowski and Nader Dabit. There you will find articles along with tutorials on React Native.

Other interesting blogs


React Native courses and tutorials



Twitter accounts to follow including creators of React Native tutorials

Webinars and podcasts

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