React Staff & Team Augmentation: The Step-By-Step Guide

React Staff and Team Augmentation is a well-known way to cover your employee needs “here and now”, yet it’s different from outsourcing.

Imagine a CTO is sitting in a meeting room, thinking about the final decision with some react developers to be hired.

He has his potential remote developer on the call.
He just received his offer and it looks perfect.
Seem like no other way than to go for it.
So he’s asking the last questions:

  • How do I see the progress?
  • I want to see how many hours you actually work?
  • How do I control your work?

The developer gasps, and after a while he says:

  • Sir, you don’t have to know that.
  • Ok, but what if you won’t deliver at all, or just leave in the middle?
  • Sir, I will deliver.
  • How do I know that? I need this to be done.
  • We have an agreement, sir.
  • No, I really need this to be done. I don’t want my money back. I want delivery.

The developer doesn’t feel pleased, but he gives his last advice:

  • Well, maybe you should try staff and team augmentation, sir.

More than 90% of the companies worldwide outsource their work abroad.

The price is too tempting to do not to consider outsourcing.
The cost of hiring an employee and the maintenance is getting higher and higher, and the process itself looks like a huge pain and a general waste of time.

So outsourcing is becoming more and more popular.
But what if outsource fails? What if someone will just stops picking up his phone in the middle of a project?

In the era of cheap outsource labor and overwhelming technology, CTOs are stretching themselves to come up with the most effective ways of controlling the outsource work.

  • How do I know he will be dedicated?
  • How do I know he will deliver
  • Or I can trust him?

Staff Augmentation is outsourcing under control

These questions gave birth to Staff Augmentation Services.
A technique to make outsourcing more efficient and controllable to the client.

To make sure you get the project done, you get the maximum expected value, and you can change a developer anytime you want, without a loss.
This post will show you how to implement this technique in your React projects.

You will get step-by-step guidance and the best practices to save time and money by changing statements into specific and measurable actions you can control.

I will show you how to keep your project under control without losing your hair.

You don’t have to “trust” developers anymore.

Now you can just execute the work yourself.

We made this guide to help you build and control your own project path so you can be the one in charge.

Why Staff and Team Augmentation?

To make sure you choose the right work method, let’s have a look at the differences between Staff Augmentation and other options.


What makes it a perfect match, is the way you don’t have to hand over any control to other parties.

You are in charge, and augmented developers are flexible enough to fit any kind and any role in the project.

Cost saving

You don’t have to think of any additional hiring duties and the savings from not making the recruitment yourself are significant.

More than this, you don’t care about any bonuses, extra benefits, or insurance. What you get is a developer ready to do the work.

Many say you will have to spend time and money on extra training, but in React projects the need to give training is low, as it is enough to prepare a good brief to get your new developer prepared.


Developers know it’s a flexible way of work, so they also know the ultimate consequence of work done poorly, or not done at all – the immediate end of the contract.
You risk almost nothing.

Internal integration

It is easier to get one person on your boat than to try and swim with two boats at the same time.
One person will pick up your culture quite fast, while the outsourced group will try to work on their rules.

Staff needs

When you consider switching the technology, you don’t have to worry about the skills or train your people from scratch.

You can simply hire the right guy.

Moreover, if you need someone highly skilled just for the specific part of a project, this is a way to go.


When you feel a burn on your butt, you can just easily find and hire someone overnight, to speed up the project.

Employees Peace of Mind

If your team is made of augmented people, you don’t have to worry if they will feel any threat of replacement.
But also your hired employees feel less threatened by a single person, than by the whole project team.

A small shift

It is way much easier to augment a team member than to hire the whole agency, as it changes almost nothing in the normal, everyday life of a company.

More than that, by having a highly skilled developer, you also have access to a very specific and sophisticated knowledge that you would have to gain thru years otherwise.

You like it so far?
Good, let’s get to work.

Need some extra hands on React Project?

Preparation for React Staff and Team Augmentation

Is React Staff and Team Augmentation good for my business?

Real Need

If you are happy with most of the points from the previous chapter, treat it as a green light and a good way to go.
However, we will list some cons as well, just to make sure you really made a good decision.

Additional training

If your project or work demands complicated and long training, you better outsource the whole thing to the external company, and normally they should be able to handle it themselves.

One of the good things about outsourcing, is they take the whole responsibility for the outcome, as well as the preparation, training, and staff.

See more in our related post on “How To Outsource React Project”.

Management duties

By adding the new stuff, you add yourself an additional obligation to manage it.

If you are already in the middle of the storm, and you have no one to take care of new stuff, you may consider outsourcing the whole thing, as in the previous point.

You pay for the stuff, not for the end result.

The Blame For The Result

When you hire the augmented staff, they will deliver, but the responsibility for the final outcome is on you.
Remember: you pay for staff, not for the end result.

Price vs Value

Let’s say your problem with the price is no problem at all.

If someone is not capable, you just replace him, and pretty much, this is it.
However, this is like an endless battle.

There is nothing valuable and cheap at the same time.

At least not in a real-life environment.

If someone is ridiculously cheap, you should stop and think, as there is a big chance you are wasting your time.

How To Find The Perfect Match

Finding a great React staff and team augmentation seems hard, but not impossible.

We made another post on “How To Hire a Good React Developer”.

You will find many useful practices and tips on how to check if you have a good one.

However, today you can find augmentation possibilities in almost any front-end agency.

Where To Find React Developers For Staff And Team Augmentation?

First of all: Pagepro.
But here are some other options as well:



All kinds

  • LinkedIn – which became the most popular place to search for a job lately.

How To Attract Good React Staff and Teams?

Based on research different age sparks different needs.
Mind that:

  • The 20+ yrs old student will be more into knowledge and improving his skills
  • 25-30 will start becoming greedy
  • 35+ will be looking for a good work/life balance to raise the family

Obviously, we will skip some personal preferences here.
However, here is the list of the most important factors to attract a good developer:

  • Good work/life balance
  • Growth and learning
  • Interesting/challenging work
  • Money and benefits
  • Work environment
  • Health benefits

If you can cover all the points, you are fantastic, and you don’t need much more to attract good developers.

Just remember, there are still some details making the difference.

Most of them are personal needs and some specific requests, but you need to decide if you are ready to give them, yourself.

Attracting people may sound hard, but stay cool.

Many good developers are ready to get out from a bandwagon anytime they find something more interesting, which is both good, and bad news.

Good, as it makes great developers almost always available.

Bad, as it means they will sooner or later start to look around if he won’t be pleased with what you have.

This makes the recruiting process, an endless process, but it is also why react staff and team augmentation is getting so popular.

You can find more tips and best practices found in this blog post.

A Staff and Team Augmentation Contract You Can Trust

To feel safe, get the right documents.

Good developers have their contracts prepared, but if you don’t trust them, you can ask them to use yours.

Normally, we recommend making the entire document with a professional lawyer, but if you just want to do something quick, here is a template you can use.

You can also find many examples on the internet. Just don’t forget to read and check it yourself, preferably with a lawyer, or someone experienced.
However, mind that your law may not apply at all in other countries.
As a Polish company, we are covered by the EU law, so even in order to work with US clients, we have an international agreement, which applies in both countries.

But we also know that some of the contracts are powerless in countries like India, the Russian Federation, or China.

If the developer will disappear in the middle of the project, you may just not see him again.

How To Control The Work and Handle Reporting

When you outsource the whole project, normally you have no control over it, and you just sit and wait for the outcome with a few kick-off meetings before the next stage.

However, in React Staff and Team Augmentation, it works almost the same as with full-time employees.

Everyone is reporting to you based on your demands. Or daily, or for the specific outcome.

We recommend giving a bit of freedom to your developers and expecting them to bring the outcome, instead of the whole bunch of specific tasks, every day.

It gives them a bit of mental space, and initiative and makes them feel more responsible for what they have to deliver.

You can use the simplest estimation worksheet for that, and of course, you can check his work every time you feel there is something wrong or you smell a delay.

How To Get the Delivery as Expected

Most of your work will be delivered based on normal deadlines and the worksheet, you prepared together with the team members.
Don’t be afraid to demand, if you feel someone is becoming lazy.

We all need a bit of motivation

Its business and good React developers are thankful for feedback, or a small kick and a chance to make things better instead of getting fired immediately.

At the end of the day, we all need a bit of motivation.
However, don’t put unrealistic expectations. It is one of the most frustrating things for developers.

Normally you hire react staff and teams who know what the job is about, and they also know: if they won’t deliver, you will not continue working with them.

This kind of pressure is enough, and a good developer will feel motivated just by having the opportunity to deliver

Solving Things With One Click

Searching for trusted React staff and team augmentation here and now?

In fact, you don’t have to search or do any of the previous.
We solve the needs of people like you every day.
It’s easy, effective and certain. Just try.

Ask us for The FREE Project Estimation! 

Need some extra hands on React Project?

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