React TL;DR #10 – Most Useful React Content From April 2020


Announcing React Native 0.62 with Flipper

  • Metro Actions: Reload the app and trigger the Dev Menu right from the toolbar.
  • Crash Reporter: View crash reports from Android and iOS devices.
  • React DevTools: Use the newest version of React DevTools right alongside all your other tools.
  • Network Inspector: View all of the network requests made by device applications.
  • Metro and Device Logs: View, search, and filter all logs from both Metro and the Device.
  • Native Layout Inspector: View and edit the native layout output by the React Native renderer.
  • Database and Preference Inspectors: View and edit the device databases and preferences.

Gatsby Incremental Builds

Incremental Builds is a new feature in Gatsby Cloud that’ll make building your site even faster!

  • it allows you to make content changes and rebuild only the parts of your site that are affected by the change.
  • currently only support data changes
  • if you make code changes, like a change in gatsby-node.js or edits to the JSX in your pages, a full rebuild is necessary
  • a change in GitHub won’t be an incremental build!


This is a React hook for Portals. It helps you render children into a DOM node that exists outside the DOM hierarchy of the parent component.


  • 🍒 Renders an element or component to or a specified DOM element.
  • 🎣 React Portals feat. Hook.
  • 🤖 Built-in state controllers, event listeners and many useful features for a comprehensive DX.
  • 🧱 Used as a scaffold to build your customized hook.
  • 🧹 Auto remove un-used portal container for you. Doesn’t produce any DOM mess.
  • 📜 Support TypeScript type definition.
  • 🗄️ Server-side rendering compatibility.
  • 🦠 Tiny size (~ 1.4KB gzipped). No external dependencies, aside for the react and react-dom.

A Critique of React Hooks

“If I were starting a new react project today I would still use them despite all these flaws. However, that doesn’t make them immune to criticism.”

  • More Stuff to Learn
  • They Don’t Interoperate With Class Components
  • Ecosystem Challenges
  • The Rules of Hooks Limit Your Design
  • They Complicate Control Flow

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