React TL;DR #14 – Top React Content From November 2020


10 Ways To Speed Up React Development

  • Use a Framework
  • Use ESLint
  • Use Prettier
  • Use AI-Driven Autocomplete
  • Superpower your CLI
  • Use a React Component Library
  • Use a CSS-in-JS library
  • Use Storybook
  • Don’t Write Your Own Forms
  • Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

Top 7 Ways to Optimize the Performance of React App

  • Avoid Large Components
  • Memoize
  • Split Large Bundles
  • Debounce
  • Tree Shake
  • Avoid Unnecessary Remounting
  • Paginate

Best Practices with React Hooks

  • Follow the rules of Hooks
    • Only call Hooks at the top level
    • Only call Hooks from function components
  • Use the ESLint plugin for React hooks
  • Create your function components in the right order
  • useState can be used exactly like the class component’s state. Not just for a single value
  • Use custom hooks for sharing application logic
  • Avoid prop drilling with useContext

10 React security best practices

  • Default XSS Protection with Data Binding
  • Dangerous URLs
  • Rendering HTML
  • Direct DOM Access
  • Server-side Rendering
  • Detecting Vulnerabilities in Dependencies
  • Injecting JSON State
  • Detecting Vulnerable Versions of React
  • Configuring Security Linters
  • Avoiding Dangerous Library Code

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