React TL;DR #13 – Top React Content From October 2020


React v17.0 Released

Upgrading to the new transform is completely optional, but it has a few benefits:

  • No New Features
  • React 17 enables gradual React upgrades.
  • Changes to Event Delegation
  • New JSX Transform
  • React Native has a separate release schedule.

Next.js 10 Released

  • Built-in Image Component and Automatic Image Optimization
  • Internationalized Routing
  • Next.js Analytics
  • Next.js Commerce
  • React 17 Support
  • getStaticProps / getServerSideProps Fast Refresh
  • Fast Refresh for MDX
  • Importing CSS from Third Party React Components
  • Automatic Resolving of href
  • @next/codemod CLI
  • Blocking Fallback for getStaticPaths

create-react-app 4.0 released

  • Fast Refresh
  • React 17 support
    • New JSX transform
  • TypeScript 4 support
  • ESLint 7
    • New Jest and React Testing Library rules
  • Jest 26
  • PWA/workbox improvements
    • Switch to the Workbox InjectManifest plugin
    • Now its own template so it can be released independently
  • Web Vitals support

Top 7 Ways to Optimize the Performance of React App

  • Avoid Large Components
  • Memoize
  • Split Large Bundles
  • Debounce
  • Tree Shake
  • Avoid Unnecessary Remounting
  • Paginate

6 Tips to Improve Your Conditional Statements for Better Readability

  • Returning Early Instead of if…else
  • Using Array.includes
  • Using Default Function Parameters
  • Using Array.every
  • Using Array.some
  • Using Indexing Instead of switch…case

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