React TL;DR #15 – Top React Content From December 2020


5 Years of React Native: Things I Wish I Had Known When I Started

  • Removing Complexity Is Harder Than Adding It
  • Write Tests From the Start
  • Scale Now or Suffer Later
  • Have One Central Way of Catching and Logging All Errors
  • Make Extensibility Your Guiding Principle
  • Think Twice Before Adding Native Code
  • Slow Always Kills Useful
  • Keep State Clean and Follow Conventions

Gatsby New Release (v2.28)

Key highlights of this release:

  • New gatsby new – new, interactive way to create a Gatsby site
  • Feature flags in gatsby-config – set your feature toggles without environment variables
  • Improved Fast Refresh integration – better hot reloading
  • Experimental: Lazy images in develop – run image transformations only when they are needed by browser

Changing Lanes: How Lyft is Migrating 100+ Frontend Microservices to Next.js

We have seen incredible feedback for this new platform, including the following wins:

  • Reduced the dev feedback loop (time from code change to browser update) by 350ms.
  • Removed 845kb of bundle size (in our boilerplate app).
  • Removed 10,000 lines of infrastructure code from each service.

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