React TL’DR #17 – Top React Content From February 2021


6 React Best Practices For 2021

  • Make use of for event handlers
  • Avoid manually binding event handlers to this?
  • Make use of React hooks to update your state
  • Cache expensive operations with useMemo
  • Decouple functions into functional functions to improve code quality
  • Create custom React Hooks
  • React Native Performance: Do and Don’t


  • Use an Image Caching Solution
  • Use appropriate image size
  • Avoid unnecessary renders
  • Use nativeDriver with Animated library
  • Use Flipper to debug issues
  • Use Hermes


  • Leave console statements in the source code
  • Use Scrollview to render a huge list of data items

Double Your React Coding Speed With This Simple Trick

4 easy tips on how to become a faster React developer:

  • Never format your code by hand
  • Never import modules by hand
  • Jump around (with hotkeys) like a pro
  • Use ESLint linting

To be fast you need:

  • Separate business logic from the view logic
  • Use TypeScript to experiences fewer bugs
  • Use TypeScript to enable powerful IDE features: linting, name refactoring, autocompletion
  • Define TypeScript types before writing code for the rapid architecture design
  • Split your code into many small reusable files to reduce clutter
  • Ask your IDE to format code and import modules
  • Jump around files with hotkeys
  • Practice refactoring

Node v15.6.0 (Current)

Key takeaways:

  • Next.js improves React development and deployment
  • Next.js is a powerful framework around de-facto standard React
  • Front-ends are globally distributed – Next.js supports CDN from the start
  • Front-end engineers need short feedback loops
  • Fast feedback drives front-end quality
  • Adopt new front-end tech one page at a time
  • Test in production-like preview builds
  • Use headless, visual regression tests for GUI components
  • Testing benefits from React being functional and declarative
  • The risks and rewards of microservices
  • Emerging patterns and systems mitigate microservices risk

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