React TL;DR #6 – Top React Content From December 2019


6 Tips For Better React Performance


  • Utilize render bail-out techniques
  • Avoid inline objects
  • Avoid anonymous functions
  • Lazy load components that are not instantly needed
  • Tweak CSS instead of forcing a component to mount & unmount
  • Memoize expensive calculations

React Portals in 3 Minutes

  • Perfect for scenarios where CSS styles are restraining your elements.
  • You can use it for Modals, Tooltips, Floating menus, Widgets.
  • Instead of returning an element in a component’s render method, return a portal.
  • A brilliant thing about portals is that a component rendered in a portal acts as if it is still in the React tree

Oh! The Suspense!

react-native doctor is a new command to help you out with getting started, troubleshooting and automatically fixing errors with your development environment.

  • React.Suspense is a component that let you suspend, or delay, the component rendering if the components, or soon data, are imported from outside your loaded code.
  • With Code Splitting, you can divide your application code into chunks and reduce the initial loading time of your application by only loading the chunk necessary for the initial render.
  • Suspense handles the loading state and lets you delay the rendering of parts of the application tree.
  • While the chunks are loading suspense shows a fallback component until the chunk is ready to render.

Tried & True Tips from 25 React Experts to Make You More Productive

Few very useful development tips from React experts that are coming down to:

  • Starting Simple and Grow
  • Learning in Public
  • Leveling up

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