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A Recap of Frontend Development in 2019

  • WebAssembly becomes the 4th language of the web joining HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • TypeScript usage surges — many developers fall in love
  • React continues to lead while devs are consumed by hooks
  • The React core team shifts to focusing on developer experience and tools to make us more productive
  • Vue prepares for version 3 release, continues to grow in usage
  • Angular releases version 8 and 9 along with the new Ivy compilation/rendering pipeline
  • HTML and CSS Updates
  • Accessibility (a11y) and internationalization (i18n) are becoming more of a priority
  • ES2019 Features
  • Node.js Foundation and JS Foundation merge to form OpenJS Foundation; Node version 12 launches to continue the path of yearly LTS releases
  • Svelte gains attention but lags in adoption as it launches version 3
  • Static sites continue to be utilized, devs adopt the JAMStack
  • PWAs see more growth and adoption
  • Frontend tooling is getting really good
  • GraphQL continues to be loved by developers, gains further adoption in tech companies
  • CSS-in-JS gains momentum
  • VS Code dominates the text editor market
  • Webpack 5 enters beta and nears release
  • Jest moves from Flow to TypeScript
  • Chrome releases stable versions 72–78 in 2019
  • Microsoft Edge browser moves to Chromium, creates a new logo
  • Facebook releases Hermes, a JavaScript parser for Android to improve React Native