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Announcing TypeScript 3.7

TypeScript 3.7 arrived with a lot of great features 🎉🎉🎉  



  • Optional Chaining
  • Nullish Coalescing
  • Assertion Functions
  • Better Support for never-Returning Functions
  • –declaration and –allowJs
  • (More) Recursive Type Aliases
  • The useDefineForClassFields Flag and The declare Property Modifier
  • Build-Free Editing with Project References
  • Uncalled Function Checks
  • Flatter Error Reporting
  • // @ts-nocheck in TypeScript Files
  • Semicolon Formatter Option
  • Website and Playground Updates

Breaking Changes:

  • DOM Changes
  • Class Field Mitigations
  • Function Truthy Checks
  • Local and Imported Type Declarations Now Conflict
  • API Changes