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React TL;DR #11 – Top React Content From May 2020

React TL;DR #11 – Most Useful React Content From May 2020

What Is Framer Motion – Bring Your Website To Life!

Why bother with Framer Motion? If you think “why should I bother making my website more alive with (for example) Framer Motion”, think of a fact that you are exposed to around 5000 online messages begging you to read them each day. But can you remember at least ONE from yesterday? We literally ignore almost […]

Finch Front-End Conference — What We Have Learned?

In September we had a great opportunity to meet Edinburgh for one of the most interesting front-end conferences in the world: Finch Front-End Conference! The agenda was quite long, but I will bring out more details from the speeches I loved the most and learned from the most. To see the full agenda, go to […]