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Next.js vs Gatsby – Which One To Choose?

In the world of React JAMStack, we have two main competitors: Gatsby.js and Next.js.
Both do great things, both are growing up quickly, both are loved by developers, and unconsciously by users.
The question remains: which one is better to work with? And, of course, in which case?

React Native vs Ionic and Cordova: Comparison

It’s not a surprise many developers are choosing to work with React Native instead of platforms like Ionic and Cordova. Learn why!

React Native Guide – 2020 Intro to Top Mobile Framework

This is the definite guide to one of the hottest mobile app technologies in 2020. React Native.

React Native Pros and Cons in 2020

I see web and mobile development technologies on a crazy race to improve their performance each and every year. Obviously, that’s great news. Development is becoming faster and easier to execute, cheaper to implement, more user-friendly with less effort, and so on. There is no word we live in great times, when implementing a business […]

4 Articles On Why React Native Is A Good Choice in 2020

If you are planning to use, or hesitating if choosing React Native development is good for your project, I’ve gathered 4 (in my opinion) best articles that will help you uncover the true power of this technology in 2020.

5 Mental Exercises For Best React Developers

I spoke to senior React Developers from my company and asked what do they generally do that helps them stay in coding shape.

React TL;DR #9 – Most Useful React Content – March 2020

New Redux Toolkit New APIs createAsyncThunk createEntityAdapter Bundle Size Improvements and Dependency Updates Dev Check Middleware Timings TypeScript Support Best practices while developing a React Native App Divide the components Create Aliases Sort the imports Declare the types Separate the styles Components must hook Let Redux manage Write sagas for synchrony Aggregate the selectors Jest […]

What is Headless CMS And What Are The Advantages?

If you’ve entered the world of web development a while ago, it’s more than likely that you heard of or used a content management system before (CMS for short), yet you may still wonder what exactly is a headless CMS. Perhaps, you know a traditional CMS like WordPress or Drupal, but recent years indicate the […]

Generics in Typescript – Typing Reusable Parts of Code

Introduction to Generic Typing in TypeScript If you follow the DRY rule in writing your code in Typescript, the Generic Types are for you! Thanks to Generic Types you can easily create reusable functions, interfaces or classes instead of writing single types for each one. Generics allow you to use different types of providing parameters […]

React Native FAQ For 2020: All You Need To Know

In this FAQ, we cover the definition, differences, all the pros and cons, and basically all you need to know about the hottest mobile platform — React Native. What is React Native? You probably know React Native development as an open-source mobile app platform created in JavaScript that is taking the mobile app development market […]