Why React.js Is the Best to Build a PWA


If you wonder why React is best to build a PWA, think of QR codes and why they failed commercially.

They simply sucked on the end user level.
They ask for time and more importantly, effort.
Which end user hate to give for free.
It doesn’t make your life easier more than any other existing technology.
Instead of desperately taking out your phone to scan and find what’s there, you could just simply type it in browser.
And that’s the reason PWA (Progressive Web App) is getting so popular.

It IS actually making your life easier.

It gives an app experience, without downloading or installing it.
It doesn’t ask for your time or any extra effort.
You just go to the website and you have a real app experience.
And I guess most of end users prefer and will prefer this way of interactivity.
So it’s about time to think of PWA more seriously.

Let’s now think of a framework. Which one is best to build it?

In fact all of them can do the work.
Vue, Angular, React, and others.
There are many technical details making a small difference.
Just ask around and you will get a lot of table content with comparison.
But when it comes to handling big project, all you need is trust.
The budget is on the table, and the most important thing is to deliver something that works and will work in the future.

Something which is:

  1. Stable and well tested.
  2. Serious and not only trendy.
  3. Easy to maintain and handover to other people.

And these are, finally, the reasons why React became so popular.
It’s not only about the fact, that it’s been made by Facebook to handle the work.
React is just making big things work well.
Which is the answer for the first question: “Is it stable and well tested?”
Answer yourself by taking also other examples, like Twitter, Instagram, Uber or Netflix for a reference.
Remember, they have plenty of people working and improving it every day.
Which is the answer for another question: “Is it serious or trendy?”
I don’t think such companies would risk using something only because it’s trendy.
So, the only question now is “How easy it is to maintain or handover?”.
Or being even more specific: how easy it is to find or replace people working with it?
Two things you can do:
One is obviously calling Pagepro, and we really mean that. We know how it works and we fix the ugly code on a daily basis.
Second, you can just find developers almost anywhere.
React is one of the easiest to learn right now.
So be aware of “youngsters” with some knowledge, but not exactly the experience needed to handle a big thing.
In Pagepro, we built the whole internal guide to make sure we hire the right people.
Because, matter of a skill is pretty much the same everywhere.
You have to work a lot to get it.

It still takes time and experience to build working things not by mistake, but by mean.
So when the project is heavy, we think there is nothing better than React to deal with it.
But when it comes to people, we believe you should be as suspicious, as you are with the technology.
We came up with some practices and tricks we use ourselves which improved our work significantly.
We will share them from now on in other posts. Hiring the right people will be one of them.

Stay tuned.

We’ll be happy to show you what we’ve learned, as it sums up what Douglas Adams said:

We are stuck with technology when what we really want is just stuff that works

Douglas Adams
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