Why should you go for GatsbyJS?

Chris Lojniewski
By Chris Lojniewski

Wondering why you should use GatsbyJS to execute your web project?

Gatsby.js enables you to build super fast, super safe, and SEO-friendly Jamstack websites.

We wrote another article on what is Jamstack, if you want to dig deeper!

Generally, it makes the fastest website on earth and is highly development-friendly. In a way, a technological win-win.

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If you are a business person, GatsbyJS makes your website highly competitive:

  • makes your website as fast as a blink of an eye – bounce rate from loading a page is quite high nowadays, so you make sure people actually read the value you deliver,
  • great for SEO,
  • static PWAs make your website hack-proof and secure,
  • it will probably stand the test of time, because “every website is an app, and every app is a website” here,
  • hosting starts from $0 (Netlify Starter Package),
  • more leads – check out how speed is important in business.
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If you are a developer you can grow your technical skills and make life easier:

  • Gatsby follows the latest web standards and technologies like ReactJS, Webpack, GraphQL, modern ES6+ JavaScript and CSS,
  • performance out of the box,
  • combines best features from React and GraphQL,
  • easy to learn,
  • great documentation,
  • active community,
  • made to have the ultimate web development experience,
  • allows you to use multiple data sources,
  • access to The Gatsby Ecosystem: plugins, starters, boilerplates and React packages that can speedup your development,
  • very easy for CI/CD – you can just use Netlify and have automatic deployment setup in 60 seconds.

Good use cases for GatsbyJS:

  • lead generation websites,
  • premium Landing Pages,
  • eCommerce websites where product information is not updated very frequently,
  • corporate Websites / Portfolio Websites,
  • blogs,
  • websites that are not updated more frequently than once per day.

If you want to learn more about Gatsby I wrote an article on How GatsbyJS can help your business to overtake competition?

What’s your experience?

GatsbyJS is a hot thing, so there could be something I missed, or don’t know yet.

What’s your experience then? Did I miss something?

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