Why should you go for GatsbyJS?


Wondering why you should use GatsbyJS to execute your web project?

Gatsby.js enables you to build super fast, super safe, and SEO-friendly Jamstack websites.

We wrote another article on what is Jamstack, if you want to dig deeper!

Generally, it makes the fastest website on earth and is highly development-friendly. In a way, a technological win-win.

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If you are a business person, GatsbyJS makes your website highly competitive:

  • makes your website as fast as a blink of an eye – bounce rate from loading a page is quite high nowadays, so you make sure people actually read the value you deliver,
  • great for SEO,
  • static PWAs make your website hack-proof and secure,
  • it will probably stand the test of time, because “every website is an app, and every app is a website” here,
  • hosting starts from $0 (Netlify Starter Package),
  • more leads – check out how speed is important in business.
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If you are a developer you can grow your technical skills and make life easier:

  • Gatsby follows the latest web standards and technologies like ReactJS, Webpack, GraphQL, modern ES6+ JavaScript and CSS,
  • performance out of the box,
  • combines best features from React and GraphQL,
  • easy to learn,
  • great documentation,
  • active community,
  • made to have the ultimate web development experience,
  • allows you to use multiple data sources,
  • access to The Gatsby Ecosystem: plugins, starters, boilerplates and React packages that can speedup your development,
  • very easy for CI/CD – you can just use Netlify and have automatic deployment setup in 60 seconds.

Good use cases for GatsbyJS:

  • lead generation websites,
  • premium Landing Pages,
  • eCommerce websites where product information is not updated very frequently,
  • corporate Websites / Portfolio Websites,
  • blogs,
  • websites that are not updated more frequently than once per day.

If you want to learn more about Gatsby I wrote an article on How GatsbyJS can help your business to overtake competition?

What’s your experience?

GatsbyJS is a hot thing, so there could be something I missed, or don’t know yet.

What’s your experience then? Did I miss something?


Chris Lojniewski

CEO at Pagepro - React & React Native software house specialising in building tailor-made web applications for clients around the world. Chris is currently spearheading a mission close to his heart: making development frictionless. His philosophy transcends the conventional, recognising that while modern tech, especially React & React Native, is a game-changer, the real revolution lies in combining cutting-edge technology with effective processes, creative exploration, and strategic foresight.

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