Why your agency should use Gatsby?

What is Gatsby?

Gatsby js is a new hot tool to create blazingly fast and SEO-friendly websites which enable you to have a performance out of the box.

And as websites performance is becoming more and more important if it comes to SEO and Google rank efficiency, it’s good to at least get familiar with the subject of static pages, or in other words – Jamstack approach.

Why your agency should use Gatsby?

1. It cares about your clients’ revenue

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Your customers probably want to have websites that convert.
Therefore, you’re building them websites for specific business reasons, like:

  • communicate the value of products or services
  • generate revenue
  • generate leads
  • increase brand awareness

There are millions of ways to build a non-converting website, but only a few to make it right.

After a successful analysis and great UX&UI design work, you need to publish a good-looking, fast, secure and future-proof website. Luckily, everything mentioned here is included in Gatsby out of the box and can be.

Probably you are currently struggling to have good Google Page Speed Insights marks. Unfortunately without Gatsby, it’s almost impossible to achieve good results.

If you want to learn more about Gatsby’s performance and its impacts on business I wrote an article on How GatsbyJS can help your business to overtake competition?

Want to use Gatsby.JS in your project?

2. It wants you to be up to date with modern technologies

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Gatsby’s websites are very fast as its building process is fetching all needed data. Gatsby takes and optimizes all assets and prepares a lightweight production package for end-users.

  • Already has downloaded all data from the database, external APIs and services. No need to fetch data every page refresh.
  • Contains only assets needed to display a particular page (sub-page)
    • no boilerplate code
    • no code from unused plugins that are required for other sub-pages
  • The website is already precompiled, the user doesn’t need to wait for server time for generating HTML output.
  • Has optimized media displayed when needed? Thanks to gatsby-image and built-in image optimization and lazy loading mechanisms.

3. It means you care about your dev team

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Gatsby follows the latest web standards and technologies like ReactJS, Webpack, GraphQL, and modern ES6+ JavaScript. Your developers want to follow trends and grow their technical skills.

Doing another 10-year-old Joomla update with changes in core done by the previous agency could be challenging. However, not as fun as working with React components and building a mobile-first, blazingly fast progressive web app with offline support.

Is there anything bad in using Gatsby?

Cons of using Gatsby for your agency projects

  • You need to code a lot, there are not many plugins or themes.
  • Some functionalities will be hard to do. Things like authorization, real-time data or user-generated content will require more time and might need the use of external service providers (paid).
  • A precompiled website means everything should be generated and deployed somewhere. If it’s a small website it’s okay, but when you need to generate and upload 30,000 product information pages – you might get into trouble. Generation time can take a few minutes and deployment a few hours.

Looking for more Gatsby insights useful for your agency?

New posts are coming mentioning:

  • What are the best cases to use Gatsby for my agency projects?
  • Are there any huge advantages from existing approaches?
  • Does it have any limitations for frontend or potential issues for some browsers?

Do you need some help with Gatsby project?

We are an experienced Gatsby development agency and we love ðŸ’– to work with agencies.
Please check how we can help recover or building a bespoke Gatsby project for your agency.

Want to use Gatsby.JS in your project?

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