Content Specialist

Content Specialist

Pagepro is growing! Yep, it turns out clients like us :) Our team of developers, runners, footballers, and all around good folk needs more firepower.

In addition to only choosing the best group of people to work around, we are also very picky about the types of clients we’ll work with.

So what Content Specialist would be responsible for in Pagepro?

We build web and mobile apps for different kind of clients - from startups, creative agencies, private businesses, up to big enterprises.

One of our biggest challenge is to help them recognize the potential of technological possibilities, and how much it can bring to their superb products and services.

And that’s a perfect job for a Content Specialist - to explain how things work, how to make them better, faster, more efficient to ultimately deliver the best possible business results with the least possible effort.

Or, in other words - translate technological possibilities into business opportunities.

Of course, all that explained so that a five-year-old would understand.

Salary: 4,000 - 7,000 PLN NET per month.
Location: Białystok (partly remote).

  • Things you will do:

    • Generate traffic:
      • Building different kind of content (articles, graphics, presentations, videos)
      • Distributing content via different channels
    • Improving SEO:
      • Optimizing new and existing content
      • Working on domain authority
    • Content management:
      • Making a content plan based on keyword research and clients insights
      • Analyzing and reporting content performance
      • Keeping high quality standards
      • Working on monthly KPIs with management
  • So, if you:

    • have at least 1 year of experience in Content Marketing
    • are a strong knowledge seeker, and problem-solver
    • have a basic understanding of:
      • Digital and Content Marketing
      • SEO rules
      • Content Marketing Analysis Tools (Analytics, Google Search Console, etc.)
    • you are not afraid of doing outreach activities once in a while
    • have great English skills both written and verbal
    • have basic graphical skills
    • (optional) you did some video stuff
  • And:

    • want to learn how to build and run marketing strategy from the scratch
    • not afraid of working with other people, Excel sheets, plans, and deadlines
    • not afraid of hard work and doing new things to blaze a trail (commando mode)
    • eager to ask questions and stubbornly search for answers
    • searching for a stable and solid growth in a job full of experts
    • want to build skills to become exceptional Marketing Manager...

… you are the one we are waiting for!

Working at Pagepro as Content Specialist

  • Extreme Learning Speed

    The key to working at Pagepro is learning. Every month you'll meet your mentor and set new goals. After each month we summarize your results and provide feedback.

  • Career Path

    As a Content Specialist you’ll be working closely with CEO, Marketing Manager, and other team members to set up weekly and monthly goals. After 3 months trial, you will become a full time Content Specialist with new possibilities and responsibilities.

  • Internal Trainings

    Marketing became an incredibly rich field with many possible directions to grow. It’s easy to get lost, and choose the wrong way, as they seem to be so close to each other. This is why, every month, you'll receive new tools and books to read. Working with us means constantly learning and developing your best.

  • Best tools

    As hardware we use MacBooks, don’t want to have performance issues with daily tasks. Our marketing tech stacks is combination of CRM, YOAST, Serpwatch, Analytics, GSC, Linkedin and other tools!

  • Flexible Working Hours

    We love to have people in the office, but obviously you can work remotely. We also believe there are days that’s better to stay in bed for an hour longer.

  • Other Bonuses

    Free lunch every day, personal training budget, English classes, mentorship are just some of the perks of being a member of the team.