Web platform for speeding up front-end development projects workflow.

FrontendApp is our internal AngularJS single page web application created for speeding up front-end development projects workflow.

PSD to HTML projects have lots in common, that's why we've created FrontendApp to set the standard and create effective processes.

FrontendApp contains the materials for all our projects since 2014: we have every PSD that client send us, estimation, access to repository, preview server and even history of our communication.

#1 Video walkthrough

Creating new project
This video shows how client can log into FrontendApp, create and organize new project by setting order of delivery. You also can check download functionality allowing client or developer to get all project's materials very quickly.

FrontendApp in numbers

  • Projects hosted
  • Webdesigns uploaded
  • Project files uploaded
  • Users registered
  • Tickets submitted
  • Comments added


We wanted to create easy to use, fast and good looking interface for our clients. These requirements were critical, because without that clients, will reather want to choose sending us projects and materials via e-mail.

We also wanted to create one platform where client can: submit new projects, check status of current projects and do the whole communication.

In the end we created a big repository that not only makes runing projects easier but also is a way of organizing webdesigns and other project files.


We've decided to use AngularJS and build the project as a single page application.

Project was split into short sprints. Every sprint we were delivering new features and bugfixes. Clients were able to use our app in first month of developing it.

Backend (API) of application is provided as Django RESTful service. For faster development we have been using fake server to pretend working API.

FrontendApp is an open source project so you can check and fork the code on our GitHub Page.

  • AngularJS
  • Node.js
  • BrowserSync
  • SASS
  • Jasmine
  • Lodash
  • Express
  • GitHub

#2 Video walkthrough

Project Details
This video shows how client can check current status of the project, review materials, add new designs and submit bugs.

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First version took us 3 months, but we are still developing new features.



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