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Building a Platform & In-house React Team in Digital Agency. Simultaneously.


To quickly build inhouse React development competency and kickoff the big web platform project.

Services provided:

  • Dedicated React Team
  • Technical Leadership
  • Style Guide Development


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If there are any hands to take care of your marketing in the digital world - these are Gorilla's hands.

Gorilla is a group of young and highly enthusiastic people with great insights on how Digital Marketing truly works.

Their experience in building the entire route of digital marketing has helped many new and existing products and services meet the expectations and adapt to the web market reality.

They are able to carry you from the strategy, creation, up until the execution and the final touchpoint of communication with your potential clients.

They can also take the existing strategy that's been built for a long time and translate it to the actionable objectives to meet the final desired digital result, without a need for fundamental changes.

Using the latest technologies - they are one of the tastiest mixes of the Marketing and Digital world.

The challenge

Gorilla won a huge project
An intranet web platform for a big enterprise client is an ambitious project, and after the discovery stage, they realized that the project is bigger than they initially expected and it should be done as a bespoke web app.

Gorilla decided to use React as a front-end layer
The only problem was that Gorilla didn’t have senior React developers to plan project architecture and kick off the work.

Finding solutions

Gorilla started a recruitment campaign, but everybody knows how hard is to find a good developer, especially when you are building a new team/business unit:

Why it’s hard to hire a Senior React developer?

  • Developers have unreasonable expectations.
  • There are not many Senior developers on the market.
  • Startups are paying extraordinary salaries, pumping developers’ requirements.
  • The estimated time to hire two senior React developers is about 3 months.

The deadline was only 2 weeks

  • It was not an option to wait for 3 months. The project had to start in 2 weeks.
  • Maciek Liczbarski - COO of Gorilla suggested hiring Pagepro developers, as he already had more than 10 successful projects with them.

Good fit with the agency

Chris from Pagepro investigated project requirements, checked what could be a good fit and carefully selected 3 React Developers.

Trusted partnership

Gorilla knows Pagepro’s expertise so they didn’t have to verify the technical skills of our developers.

Should we get it done?

Let's talk about you now!

Tell us about your challenge, and let's get the ball rolling.

Kicking off the project

Main objectives:

  • Kick-off the project well
  • Build inhouse React competencies.
  • Keep the final Client happy

Step 1 Kick off

Gorilla sent his developer to Pagepro to work intensively on planning and development. (1 week)

Step 2 Solid Roots

The project demanded a solid architecture, which is both easy to maintain and introduce to new developers. Pagepro decided to use its standard stack:
React, Redux, TypeScript, StyledComponents.

Step 3 Design System

The design system has been built with Storybook. Thanks to that one of the developers could work closely with Gorilla designers to make sure we are following certain rules like typography scale, modular vertical spacings, grids. In the long run, this approach resolves consistency problems and results in cohesive experiences.

Step 4 Sprints

On further stages of the project, Pagepro developers were building the platform and regularly visited Gorilla headquarters in Warsaw.

What Gorilla liked about Pagepro?

  • Expert React Knowledge
  • Ability to start well & fast
  • Help with recruitment

Tools used:

  • React
  • Redux
  • TypeScript
  • Styled Components
  • Storybook
  • Sketch
  • Zeplin
  • Invision
  • Jira
  • Slack


Pagepro took ownership of the project. The team led the front-end part well and was able to guide our agency with little technical React experience. They were strong communicators and kept the project organized. Thanks to Pagepro we could build in-house React competency and successfully kick off the important project.

Maciej Liczbarski
Maciej Liczbarski. Chief Operating Officer

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