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  • Mustafa Mohamed

    Put very simply, Pagepro is amazing to work with.

    Mustafa Mohamed. YOKE Network, London
  • Michal Kendereski

    They deliver exactly when they say they will and it’s always pixel-perfect.

    Michal Kendereski. Republik-Media, London
  • Carole Egerton

    Pagepro is great at problem solving, very organised and deliver in a timely fashion.

    Carole Egerton. Baffle & Zander, London
  • Maciej Liczbarski

    They were strong communicators and kept the project highly organized.

    Maciej Liczbarski. Gorilla Agency, Warsaw
  • Patryk Kabaj

    Despite working remotely, it feels like they are somewhere in the office.

    Patryk Kabaj. Packhelp, Warsaw
  • Guillaume Pousseo

    High quality services, big support with good prices and communication skills.

    Guillaume Pousseo. REVSQUARE, NYC
  • John Horrocks

    They are more than a great development team.

    John Horrocks. Rocksurance, NYC
  • Lance Redgrave

    The website was delivered on time and on budget.

    Lance Redgrave. Redfox Media, Sydney
  • Kristof Hamilton

    They are easy to work with, produce quality code and really felt like an extension of our volunteer team.

    Kristof Hamilton. Pride in London,
  • Seb Richards

    Their development team plugged-in and made a great front-end extension to our IT department.

    Seb Richards. Poly Agency, London
  • Nick Cremin

    Pagepro stands out in this arena due to their exceptional professionalism, knowledge, and integrity.

    Nick Cremin. Hound and Badger, London

Build Truly Bespoke Ecommerce Website Easier With Saleor

  • Ultra Fast Operations

    Delight your customers with super page speed to keep them more engaged and satisfied.

  • Offline Shopping

    Thanks to mobile-first PWA users are able to browse, order, and pay anywhere, from any device, even if they are disconnected from the internet!

  • Truly Customized Experience

    Use the power of frontend freedom and provide your customers with the experience they deserve.

  • Headless Approach

    Build a truly outstanding storefront in JAMStack to make it super fast, extremely user friendly, and totally safe.

Go Headless With Saleor

Deliver truly outstanding experience, delight users with speed and perfromance, and simply sale more.

  • Super-fast web shop

    Stop losing clients because of the poor speed and page performance. Delight users with a shop that works with a blink of an eye.

  • SEO efficiency

    Rank your page easier and higher than your competition. Google favours static pages, as they are fast, light, and easy to scan.

  • Works on any device

    Make sure your website works seamlessly in accordance to all devices and formats.

  • Rich User Experience

    You can become more creative with your experimental designs, without compromising the speed.

  • Instant Changes

    All changes you make take place instantly. As soon as the developer makes them on the front-end, the user would be able to see them.

  • Safety

    Thanks to static pages, there is no direct connection to the database, dependencies, user data or other sensitive information.

Saleor Ecommerce Services Provided

  • UX/UI Development

  • Full Web Shop

  • Migration

  • Developers and
    Teams on Demand

  • Consultancy

  • Trainings and

The process

  • Send Your Ideas

    Tell us what you want to achieve and we will adapt the technical requirements. Or, just send us requirements, if you have them.

  • Let Us Adapt to the Plan

    We will choose a dedicated team, or a single Saleor developer fitted to your plan. Or we will help you create one.

  • Takeoff in 72 Hours, or 7 Days

    Depending on requirements, if you hire a small team, or a single dev, they will be ready to work in 72 hours. If you need a bigger team, we may need up to 7 days to get ready.

Pagepro in numbers

  • Team members
  • 4.9 / 5
  • Client Retention ratio
    92 %


  • Modern technologies only

    React, Jamstack, Headless eCommerce? We love to work with new technologies and contribute to their growth.


    Before we hire developers they are going through a restless vetting process with more than 50 checkpoints and 3 different practical tasks to test their skills.

  • Approximate Onboarding Takes 72 Hours

    Need to start things quick? We are ready!

  • Huge Attention To Details

    There are many famous practices in software development, but you still need people who are good at keeping the details in order.

  • Small Enough, Big Enough

    Small enough to totally focus on you, big enough to handle even the most demanding projects.

  • 92% Of Our Clients Came Back To Work Again!

    There is a high chance you will like working with us. Why not give it a try?

Work appreciated by many

  1. Put very simply, Pagepro is amazing to work with. They feel like an extension of my own team. They’re fast and effective and I feel like they deeply understand our product and what we’re building. For a startup this is paramount for us.

    Mustafa Mohamed
    Mustafa Mohamed
    Cto & Co-founder
    Yoke Network
  2. We’ve had the ultimate good fortune of working with the Pagepro team since 2015, building dozens upon dozens of sites. They deliver exactly when they say they will and it’s always pixel-perfect. But not only that, they prefer to under-promise and over-deliver!

    Michal Kendereski
    Michal Kendereski 
    Republik-Media, London
  3. Pagepro team came on board at the last minute to help us out with a complex and challenging project. They proved to be an invaluable resource. Pagepro is great at problem solving, very organised and deliver in a timely fashion. I’d recommend them highly and will look forward to working with them again on future projects.

    Carole Egerton
    Carole Egerton 
    Managing Director
    Baffle & Zander, London
  4. Pagepro took ownership of the project. The team led the front-end part well and was able to guide our agency with little technical React experience. They were strong communicators and kept the project organized. Thanks to Pagepro we could build in-house React competency and successfully kick off the important project.

    Maciej Liczbarski
    Maciej Liczbarski
    Gorilla Agency, Warsaw
  5. Working with Pagepro is unique because of their developers who quickly become part of the core team. Despite working remotely, it feels as if they were somewhere in the office. Unlike other dev houses, the devs assigned to your team have only one goal - to contribute to your team, something you can immediately tell. No nasty surprises or side projects. Uniquely serious approach.

    Patryk Kabaj
    Patryk Kabaj
    CPO & Co-founder
  6. I would like to recommend Pagepro as a high qualified Front-end development partner. For the past three years, RevSquare was using Pagepro services to satisfy needs for clients from 10 different countries. During this time Pagepro provided high quality services, big support with good prices and communication skills.

    Guillaume Pousseo
    Guillaume Pousseo 
    RevSquare, New York City
  7. They are more than a great development team. They are a partner that helps create high quality applications.

    John Horrocks
    John Horrocks
    New York City
  8. Pagepro are proactive, supportive and deliver good quality code – very happy with the products that have been built to date.

    Christian Barnes
    Christian Barnes 
    Digital Project Manager 
    Luminous, London
  9. The website was delivered on time and on budget. Redfox Media’s multiple touchpoints led to comprehensive communication and a unified vision that is rare for fixed-price projects. Differing time zones led to logistical challenges, but their experience and work ethic compensated for any issues.

    Lance Redgrave
    Lance Redgrave 
    Redfox Media, Sydney

Should we get it done?

Not sure if Saleor is the best option for you?

Let us guide you and show possible options tailored to your needs. Totally free of any charge or obligations.

Other Development Services by Pagepro

We offer the best front-end development services by choosing the right technology for your requirements. Our experts can provide consultation for you on the technology and frameworks to select for your product.

  • Jamstack development

    Build superfast, super SEO friendly, and totally safe websites optimized for conversion

  • Mobile App development

    Use all the blessings of modern mobile technology to achieve your goals easier and more efficiently.

Learn React Native with us!

We love sharing our knowledge with others and we do it in different ways. Our developers are experts in React Native development and often participate in conferences and workshops. They also teach each other in internal training, do speak at meetups and write interesting articles on the blog.

  • Open Workshop: Introducing basics of React

    16.05.2018, Białystok, Poland.

  • A lecture at Bialystok University of Technology

    28.05.2018, Białystok, Poland.

  • Advanced React & Redux Patterns - a lecture on MeetJS Summer Special

    25.08.2018, Białystok, Poland.

Front End Day

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The best day to start shifting your career as a front-end developer.

FED is a full day of workshops for developers in any stage of experience, carefully crafted to master various front-end development skills.

JS Minds

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An online platform for top React Developers matching with interesting Projects.

We take care of talented developers and bring them closer to their dream jobs.

Now, they work where they want, on the projects they like.


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Saleor is an open-source, Python and Django based headless e-commerce platform. The latest major update also introduces a modular front end powered by a GraphQL API and written with React and TypeScript.

What’s totally great about Saleor is that it makes your web shop both an online store, and a PWA application, which means your clients can download and use your online store while being offline!

They can also browse, order, and pay, even if they are disconnected from the internet. Crazy isn’t it?


Saleor is a complete headless e-commerce platform that comes with all the necessary features like:

  • PWA: Which enables the end users for offline shopping and much better experience
  • GraphQL API: You can access all data from any web or mobile client
  • Headless commerce: Build mobile apps, customize storefronts and much more
  • UX and UI: Designed for a user experience that rivals even the top commercial platforms
  • Dashboard: Administrators have total control over users, processes, and products
  • Orders: A comprehensive system for orders, dispatch, and refunds
  • Cart: Advanced payment and tax options, with full control over discounts and promotions
  • Payments: Flexible API architecture allows integration of any payment method. It also comes with the Braintree support out of the box.
  • Geo-adaptive: Automatic localized pricing. Over 20 local languages. Localized checkout experience by country.
  • SEO: Packed with features that get stores to a wider audience
  • Cloud: Optimized for deployments using Docker
  • Analytics: Server-side Google Analytics to report e-commerce metrics without affecting privacy


Here are a few companies using Saleor ecommerce platform:


Ecommerce icon

The way we shop today has changed a lot.
We want things here and now, and we get upset if we have to wait for the page to load.
Sounds crazy, but it’s true, and both website performance and page speed became more important to User Experience than ever before.
On top of that, we feel more and more pressure to stand out from such a crowded place as ecommerce.
Meet Saleor - an open source platform for building highly performant and flexible web shops!


  • To increase your conversion and sales
  • To boost your marketing channels
  • To outperform your competition online
  • To serve clients with much better UX
  • To cut the maintenance costs
  • To scale your business easier

Saleor FAQ

Here are some of the most important questions worth asking before you use Saleor:

  • What can I build with Saleor?

    Saleor is a complete ecommerce solution that enables you to build highly performant and extremely flexible web shops in ease.

    It has all of the possible functionalities needed to run a successful ecommerce business, and thanks to its rich features, it empowers you with truly innovative solutions.

    With Saleor you can build:

    • Small web shop with basic functionalities
    • Customized web shop no matter the capacity
    • Headless ecommerce
    • Customized storefront
  • How much does it cost to build a customized Saleor web shop?

    The cost of creating a customized Saleor web shop is dependent on many factors.

    Most important of them are:

    • Designs
    • Functionalities
    • Integrations
    • Programming needed
    • Hosting

    Customization for a small Saleor web shop may cost you around $4.000 - $20.000, depending on the complexity of customization.

    To customize a medium size webshop your cost again will be highly dependent on the scope of work, as the range can be from $15.000 - $80.000.

    For a bigger, enterprise ecommerce the price of customization can go up to $250.000.

  • How long does it take to build a customized Saleor web shop?

    Again, all comes down to complexity, yet we can estimate that:

    Customization of a small web shop may take from 3 to 6 months.

    To customize a medium size Saleor web shop, you may need from 6 - 12 months.

    To customize an enterprise Saleor web shop, you may need more than 18 months, just be aware that some extremely ambitious projects can take you years before they will be finally already to go live.

  • What makes Saleor better than other ecommerce solutions?

    One of the most interesting advantages of Saleor is that it is available as both a typical online store and as a PWA application.

    Thanks to being an ecommerce PWA application your customers can download your store to any device and browse it offline or when they have no internet access.

    They can also make orders and payments just like when shopping online!

  • Is Pagepro a Saleor Agency?

    Yes. Pagepro is a Saleor agency full of developers dedicated to modern ecommerce technologies. We found many great advantages in using Saleor, as it enables us to deliver truly outstanding results and get great recommendations to become a dedicated Saleor development company.

  • What Saleor services do you offer?

    We offer a wide range of Saleor services, no matter which stage of business you are in.
    Are you about to start? Or you want to migrate to Saleor? Let us assist you!

    1. Experience planning
    2. UX/UI development
    3. Migration to Saleor Services
    4. Full Online Store Development
    5. Saleor Team and Staff Augmentation
    6. Consultancy

Let's do something amazing together!

Are you looking for proven and efficient solutions? We will help you to estimate your project and you will be present with us at every stage of design.

Pagepro is the sole administrator of the data provided to us by third parties. By downloading our resources or sending us inquiries, you grant us permission to send you further correspondence, such as our company newsletter, event notifications, or updates on the services we provide. You may unsubscribe from our messaging or change the preferences of what you receive from us at any time. Read our Privacy Policy to learn more about the ways we protect and secure your personal information.