Hound & Badger

Multi-project Development Partnership With a Creative Agency.


Become a long term web & mobile development partner for an ambitious internet marketing agency.

About the client

Hound & Badger was born out of the belief that data and design are tools that, together, build great experiences for customers.

Their team has been working together for more than a decade creating beautiful, award-winning websites, or data-driven campaigns to build meaningful connections between brands and humans.


A typical win-win story.

Hound & Badger was looking for a trusted partner to execute their challenging digital ideas and meet demanding expectations.

Pagepro loved briefs from Hound & Badger. They were made perfectly to the last pixel, so our developers - MichaƂ and Sebastian - were able to jump into the project immediately and focus on the execution with no need for additional trainings and check-ins.

The fact that we could just start, execute, and deliver was a spark, which leads to a long-lasting relationship and cooperation.

We were always trying to be as flexible as possible budget-wise and time-wise, so we both could be part of truly exceptional work and ambitious projects.

Hound & Badger could fully focus on their creative work, while Pagepro was having their digital back.

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Soon after the first project, Pagepro became the only IT and digital executive partner of H&B.

Our work helped H&B meet their creative, as well as business goals.

Together we have executed a number of ideas, which made the work of Pagepro a proud part of Hound and Badger's impressive portfolio.

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As a creative agency, we like to push the boundaries of what is possible while making sure our clients get excellent ROI. Over time we have worked with a number of different development agencies located all over the world. However, Pagepro stands out in this arena due to their exceptional professionalism, knowledge, and integrity. Our relationship continues to flourish and the solutions and support Pagepro offer allow us to build stronger relationships with our clients.

Nick Cremin
Nick Cremin. Creative Director

We worked together for a number of brands:

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