KRD Economic Information Bureau

Long-term IT And Development Partnership With Polish Economic Information Bureau.

KRD Economic Information Bureau was established on 4 August 2003. It provides its services to all business entities: sole traders, small and medium enterprises as well as large corporations. KRD has created an economic information exchange system which consolidates all the branches of economy.

KRD’s statutory tasks include the acceptance, storage and provision of access to economic information and data. These tasks are performed via the Internet, making KRD always available. Informations on debtors are submitted to the KRD database by entrepreneurs from all sectors of economy, irrespective of company size and legal form, as well as by natural persons, communes and institutions. The suppliers of information are at the same time recipients of this information; consequently, the debtors listed in KRD cease to be anonymous and lose their credibility in business relations.

Portfolio KRD Group brands include: KRD BIG, Kaczmarski Inkasso, Rzetelna Firma, Via Lex, NFG and

The Challenge

In second half of 2012, KRD needed to expand their front-end development capacity to help manage big number of web software projects (marketing automation tools, mailings, etc.).

KRD needed the new development resources on-board quickly to meet the tight schedue. KRD was keen to find a reliable, well trained partner.

Pagepro was quickly shortlisted and asked to prove its maturity and ability to deliver by doing first, small project. After a selection process - to review Pagepro's capabilities, performance and efficency - Pagepro was selected as KRD's partner.

KRD screenshot


KRD releases about 300 landing pages per year. Projects are small, but their websites have big traffic, so quality of delivered products need to be very high.

We are making sure if our deliveries are light-weight and optimised for speed, mobile and accessability standards.

Our services contain:

  • PSD to HTML conversion
  • PSD to EMAIL conversion
  • Cross browser & device testing
  • Front-end dedicated team

The Cooperation

At the beginning KRD requested Pagepro to provide small, dedicated team for KRD’s projects (Project Manager, Front-end developer, Quality Assistant).

After a few weeks, Pagepro and KRD found that the companies were natural partners and KRD decided to do more projects with Pagepro.

Almost every project contains one or more mailings, that needs to be tested and optimized for many email clients - both mobile and desktop - and especially for different versions of Microsoft Outlook. It's quite a challange considering the specifics of those programs and the fact, that they use different engines to generate content on a client side. Thanks to that, and short realization time, Pagepro build a small team of developers specializing in creating emails.

Now Pagepro is providing a big, dedicated, self-organizing team which supports KRD’s projects. Pagepro’s high technical and organisational skills increased the speed of completing KRD’s projects by 30%.

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • SASS
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • GULP
  • BrowserStack
  • Litmus
  • FrontendApp


We've been working together for more than 4 years.

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PARTNERSHIP in numbers

  • Projects together
  • Years of cooperation
  • Project files uploaded
  • Team members involved
  • PSD to HTML Projects
  • PSD to E-mail Projects


Pagepro helped us greatly with our everyday tasks by providing access to skillful manpower. Their ability to handle problems with precision and pursuit of delivering highest quality possible, extends our team here in KRD. Also constant communication while dealing with tasks helps us achieve everyday goals with an ease. We are very happy to work with professionals at Pagepro.

Dawid Galczynski
Dawid Galczynski. Design Leader at KRD

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