Plek Case Study

Jamstack Team Augmentation To Support Marketing Department.

The Challenge

For many Marketing Teams a website is considered the most important marketing tool in achieving strategy goals and results.

But quite often, to work effectively, Marketing Managers need the help of web developers, as they lack the skills needed to edit, or rebuild the website.

But if only I could get a penny each time I hear a CTO telling:

“I know you want to update the content structure on our website, but all developers are too busy now. Try next month.”

“We need to focus on the product now, not the website.”

“I don’t feel that Website stuff is that important now. Work on something else.”

“Sorry but that’s not the priority for the dev team right now. Come up with something else, you are the Marketing Guy.”

And my favorite:

“We don’t need this. Good product will sell itself.”

And what Marketing Managers often do is they really ask for changes next month (yet end up with the same “come back next month”), or they really go and work on something else, instead of focusing on the most important customer stream - The Website.

CEOs and CTOs want quick results with the least amount of effort, and yet they totally ignore the fact that the product actually will never “sell itself”, without (at least) a decent communication strategy, which nowadays starts from the website.

Marketing Managers desperately search for new channels, and ways to attract customers and bring any results at all, yet often it makes them feel only more frustrated, hopeless, and left on their own.

Website is like a communication MVP. It needs constant feedback from the market to get better. In fact, it’s never an “end product” and it also needs “bug fixes” in order to attract more people and generate sales.

Website is not a standalone, once-done-works perfect thing anymore.

Technology is enabling us to edit and adapt to changes on demand and be flexible enough to deliver true value to our customers, as this is exactly what they are looking for.

Not the product. The Value.

As one of our clients said:

“Every minute I'm not doing marketing on my website, is the minute I lose business”.

So, what to do when Marketing needs changes, and CTOs need their people to work on the product?

Can we still keep them both happy?

Well, Plek did!


1. To support Plek’s Marketing Team, so their in-house developers can fully focus on the product development.

2. To build a component-based, reusable website in Gatsby that enables the Marketing Team to quickly build and rebuild landing pages with no help from the in-house developers.

Services Provided

About the client

Plek logo

In short, Plek is a communication platform for the workplace.

It is making the work conversations truly safe and private, and on top of that, it is as easy to use as the tools we use privately.

You can use it as a:

  • Social intranet
  • Knowledge Sharing Platform
  • Employee App

Plek changes how people work together, share knowledge and connect.

It increases:

  • Employees involvement,
  • learning capacity,
  • and sustainable employability

within companies, healthcare organizations, governments and non-profit organizations.

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Plek was facing exactly the challenge we’ve explained at the beginning of this case study.

They had to provide a marketing team with technical support and keep their in-house Development Team focused on the product at the same time.

They came up with the idea of rebuilding their website to make it component-based and reusable. That enables the Marketing Team to quickly build and rebuild landing pages with no help from the in-house developers.


They decided to go for one of the hottest technologies now - Gatsby.js.

They knew exactly what they wanted, so all they had to do is to find an effective Gatsby developer on-demand that will help them execute the clever plan.

The goal was clear:

“We need a configurable website, with building blocks that we can use to quickly create new landing pages or reorganise the existing ones.”

That was a perfect job for Michał - one of our most experienced frontend developers.

Step 1 Set Up the Scope

After an initial introduction, we received a list of tasks we need to take care of.

Step 2 Work Work Work

We started to make things happen.

We have been working in small sprints, with daily meetings and summaries.

Thanks to that, we could both easily keep up with our plans.

Step 3 Review

We have been working closely with Plek’s team, so the review was just a formality. Normally, they could immediately see the results and give their feedback right away.

Step 4 Let’s Work More!

After the initial project, Plek did what we are considered the best sign of successful work done. They proposed we work for them more! Just the same as 92% of all our clients.

What Plek enjoyed the most working with Pagepro?

  • Ready to start the project in 72 hours

    We could be able to start the project in less than 72 hours.

  • Deep Jamstack & GATSBY DEVELOPMENT expertise

    We used our best practices to choose the best possible option and ship the results faster.

  • Technical Leadership

    Our developer suggested improvements in code architecture, infrastructure and project delivery processes.

  • Agility

    Fast growing Plek required a partner who can adapt to frequently changing requirements and short term objectives.

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