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Team Augmentation To Support a Rapid Growth of Digital Agency.


Blitzscale* agency development team to fasten the execution of multiple web projects for major UK brands.

*Blitzscaling is a specific set of practices for igniting and managing enormously fast growth. An accelerated path to the stage where the most value is created. It allows a company to go from small to big player at a furious pace that captures the market.

About the client

Who said you have to be big, to deliver true value?

Poly Agency is helping brands understand their customers inside-out.

Knowing where, when and how to speak to them, they present the product or service as the one that can provide true value to a customer’s lives.

They work as a plug-in partner, helping startups and early-stage businesses act big, and established or transforming brands move fast.


Who is doing exceptional work, must be ready to grow fast.

Poly Agency got there quick.

Their clients moved from "just clients" to "loyal clients" almost immediately and begin to ask for more.

On top of that, a good word of mouth brought them many new leads, so they eventually had to think about serious growth.

They decided to find someone trusted, with a similar tech stack and most of all - able to handle the exceptional quality.

They asked Pagepro to visit their Shoreditch office and present what they do. And that was it.


After a short technical introduction, developers from Pagepro joined the team and extended their web development capacity.

Poly loved the availability and the fact that Pagepro could handle multiple projects at the same time.

Thanks to quality code, Poly could also take their focus away from constant code checking and continue and scale up their business without the need of spending time on the recruitment process.

Should we get it done?

Let's talk about you now!

Tell us about your challenge, and let's get the ball rolling.


Poly could continue on their exceptional work and deliver to the major UK brands to please their challenging expectations, with our technical backup.

Work done together can be found in Poly's beautiful portfolio.

Learn more about Poly Agency here:


What Poly Agency Liked about Pagepro?

  • Multiple Project Management

    Poly loved the availability of our developers and the fact that we could handle multiple projects at the same time.

  • On-time delivery

    Each and every delivery. Always as planned.

  • Great Team Extension

    A short introduction was enough to work as a regular part of the team.


Their development team plugged-in and made a great front-end extension to our IT department. Together we could handle many projects at the same time!

Seb Richards
Seb Richards. Co-Founder

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