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Superfast Filtering Tool That Enables Inteligent News Displaying.


In fact, we had three objectives:

1. Support the team of frontend developers, by delivering a highly qualified individual.

2. Build new components and advanced mini-application in Vue.js together with the internal frontend team.

3. Build a superfast filter that enables intelligent news displaying together with the internal frontend team.

About the client

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Ratio Partners is a Digital Experience agency that is building flexible, integrated, and personalized Sitecore solutions that elevate businesses above the competition.

Their team of seasoned veterans is working hand in hand with their clients to take them from zero-to-pilot in a short space of time. Thanks to that, Sitecore users start to realize the real value of this platform and begin to embed a test-and-learn culture that drives value from their investment.

But besides that, Ratio Partners goes beyond the typical service and support.

They like to challenge basic solutions, and delight their customers with a truly outstanding and customized approach.

As experts in personalization, automation, and testing they are also demanding if it comes to technical (or any other) partnership.

Luckily, we found a common language quite quickly.

The Challenge

For one of his clients, Ratio wanted to build an intelligent filtering tool, that would enable them to display news from different sources.

Their client is also using the news from another platform, but with this particular searching tool, the user cannot see any difference.

That was a perfect job for one of our top frontend developers - Marek - who joined the Ratio frontend team.

The Outcome

In effect, we built an extremely fast and user-friendly menu that enables smart filtering and display news in a flash.

Ratio Partners Presentation
  • Highly Performant Webpage
  • Superfast Filtering
  • Extremely User Friendly

After a short investigation, we proposed Vue.js, which is dealing great with rendering the elements that are dependent on data.

Mind that using Vue in this kind of projects doesn’t get in the way of creating recent components. In other words, adding Vue to our stack didn’t cause us any trouble nor any development side effects.

Even more. Thanks to Vue.js we could also render the elements that were absolutely necessary, and that enabled us to save a lot on speed and performance of the entire page. Thanks to using MVVM, we didn’t have to spend the time to build a logic for rendering the elements. Vue is automatically “observing” the data, and refreshing those elements that actually need it.

Thanks to that we could:

  • Easily build up the application with new filters.
  • Thanks to Vue.js that renders the elements itself, we didn’t have to watch dependencies as they happened automatically.
  • Focus on a real problem to solve - to implement code which is flexible and highly performant.

Technologies used

  • VueJS
  • Axios
  • Jira
  • JavaScript
  • SCSS
  • Bitbucket
  • EJS
  • Webpack
  • Gulp
  • Slack

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Services provided

  • Frontend Development
  • Frontend Team/Staff Augmentation

What Ratio Partners liked about Pagepro?

  • Great Team Extension

  • On-time Delivery

  • Technical Attitude

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